Aquarion EVOL 7-12 Notes

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  • (EVOL 12) Shrade references the first ending from Aquarion, Omna Magni. The lyrics are gibberish-y. They have a Japanese translation that is also gibberish-y. If we were to insert an English translation of the Japanese translation of Omna Magni of the lyrics used in the preview, it would be something like, “When the boys feelings do a lizard tail, the girl learns of the night dew for the first time. But the two of them have a silent night.” The more you know?
  • (EVOL 11) Mikage’s line describing a boy of “amber eyes and golden hair” is literal. The script writer might’ve gotten it wrong or I don’t know what.
  • (EVOL 9) Fudo & the others all use sayings/proverbs with the word hole or something like a hole – pit, den. Since the English equivalents to those sayings/proverbs don’t actually keep the word hole/pit/den, we modified them into English equivalents but with the word hole. Crea’s on the other hand is a parody of the Japanese saying “boys before flowers”, replacing “hana” (flowers) with “ana” (holes) which no one actually says hence why the other 3 groan at her after. The “ana”gram in the episode title is also a pun on ana meaning hole.
  • (EVOL 8) Yes, Go Tight actually plays in the episode. No, we didn’t bother timing/translating it because insert karaoke is for dumb “completionist” subbers. Mix’s line in the preview is a pun. “Anata” = you/~darling~, “ana” = hole. “Anata” was translated as something else so it works in English.
  • (EVOL 7) Yes, Jin keeps referencing Go Tight lyrics in Aquarion EVOL. No, we’re not translating them in special ways. Japanese has, uhm, let’s just say context issues.

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