Spring Season 2012 Plans

So er, yeah. Here’s a new website. Also, the spring anime season starts in like 1.5 weeks. Aquarion is 2cour/20+ eps, so it will continue on next season. The other translators were talking about waiting until after simulcast announcements were made, so you might not see anything new from us until the episode 2s start airing.

18 thoughts on “Spring Season 2012 Plans”

      1. gg itself is fabulous enough, it doesn’t need a ‘kewl’ theme to compensate.
        Anyhows, my request: Since you guys seemed to love SZS and all that shiz so much, how about finishing the Katte ni Kaizo series by doing the 6th episode? It’s in dire need of subs..

  1. Are you guys still going to do Young Animator Training Project for this year? I really appreciated you guys doing that last year and doing something that might not have been done otherwise.

  2. I thought that Dugtrio theme you guys had for a bit was awesome. No big deal if you can’t/don’t want to, but it would be pretty cool if you had a theme changer and that was one of the options.

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