Anyone going to PAX East?

…if so, could you get me a mini-Tauntaun pet code from the SWTOR booth? ;_;

13 thoughts on “Anyone going to PAX East?”

  1. Hey Koda, how are you guys feeling about the anti-trolling bill in Arizona? Won’t it kind of put a dent in your operation?

    1. As an arizona resident I can tell you im not gonna stop trolling, fuck the police.

      PS SWTOR sucks, leave while you still have your dignity

    2. doesn’t it just mean we all can make fun of her but she can’t make fun of us? As she’s a zonie.

    3. The “anti-trolling” bill is aimed at cyberbulling but is also blatantly un-constitutional and really vague so any sane person would reject it but the majority of the people in Arizona are retarded (and racist) so I’m not sure ~~~

  2. If you weren’t spoon feeding me my chinese cartoons I’d make a remark about how you have bad taste in games, but I’ll hold my tongue. I have a friend who’s going, if none of these guys get one I’ll see what I can do.

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