Hyouka Ep 1

ki ni narimasu

If I ever meet kusion IRL, he’s going to die. (Torrent)

TL Note: Hyoka = Frozen treats (specifically with ice). This title clearly indicates that the show is about the 4 main characters sitting around in the club room eating ice cream, Mr. Garigari, and FroYo. This also means that K-On is like the archnemesis of Hyoka because they ate warm desserts and tea in the club room.

Alternatively, the title refers to Hotaro being ~cold yet sweet~.

47 thoughts on “Hyouka Ep 1”

  1. [quote]If I ever meet kusion IRL, he’s going to die.[/quote]
    Please describe in 1 phrase how you would like it to be…

  2. Surprisingly good release. Much better than Mazui. Accurate translation. Clear, simple and fluid plain English editing.

    This release changed my opinion on gg. Good job gg and thanks for the release.

  3. How did gg and mazui come up with the exact identical image to post with? Sounds like the extent of a mystery they would solve in this series.

    1. Chitanda Eru is miracle of the universe, especially when she uses her tentacle hair and mesmerizing gaze. No wonder everybody wants to share this glorious moment with their viewers.

  4. This encode doesn’t work on WDTVs, or pretty much any other set-top, which means nobody can watch it except people sitting in front of a computer. You know that 10-bit encodes don’t actually work on anything except PCs … right?

    1. Same with my patriot box office, I relegate it to legacy animes these days. I keep my computer next to the tv anyways so doesn’t matter to me. Also android can play 10bit mkvs.

    2. The solution to this problem is called PS3 Media Server. If you have a DLNA equipped TV, nearly any video format (including 10bit) will transcode with full .ass subtitles straight from your PC!

  5. The irony of the first post about this show about the archnemisis of K-ON!. Is that Eru voice actress is Ritsu from K-ON!. I laughed on the inside when I found out, but at least it is a good pairing of the leads from Ore no imouto again. I wonder if they will share Halloween candy again.

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