I’m too lazy to type the full title or something. Koike refers to Takeshi Koike, who did the artwork for Redline. (Speaking of Redline, that movie was good and you should go buy 50 copies of the Bluray to send a message to Japan that we enjoy things like it.) Anyway, here’s some new Lupin. It airs at like 2am in Japan, and our translator lives in Japan, and he has like a 12 hour school day. So basically he either wakes up at 5am and translates it before school or he doesn’t do it until after. The more you know.

Oh, and I should mention that we have no idea what the the first line of the ending is. So we didn’t sub it. :V The best guess we got was atashi kanbu then we gave up~ Song lyrics are bullshit until singles come out anyway ufufufu. As for the show itself, it’s stylized, Yamakan hates it (funny how that works – we hate Yamakan), and for some reason Inspector Zenigata has Lelouch as his sidekick. Also, nipples. And why is this file only like 400mb? Fluff failed. (Torrent)

27 thoughts on “KOIKE LUPIN Ep 1”

    1. So you’re gonna shun one of the greatest characters in anime because of a director who’s butthurt his show failed? Man you have shit taste.

  1. >hatin yamakan

    So we’ll hate him.
    …because he can take it.
    Because he’s not our hero.
    He’s a Silent Guardian…
    …a Watchful Protector.
    A Dark Knight…

  2. Only 400MB? That’s no good. It’s obvious that Fluff doesn’t have an eye for nipples. It’s a known fact that nipples sport a complex pattern called Nipple Texture Pattern (NTP for short, not to be confused with Network Time Protocol.) In short that means nipples have a lot of detail to be preserved. An untrained eye can’t see all the detail, so an encoder who hasn’t been in the field of Nippleology for long enough is bound to fail the encode by disregarding all the beautiful nipple detail. Koda, I hope you speak to Fluff and make him examinate nipples for a week or two, so that this kind of mistake won’t happen again.

    With love,
    Dr. peeaivo, PhD in Nippleology

  3. it’s because you announced your plans again. remember that time you subbed a tonne of pvs and all of them got licensed?

  4. Thank you for all of your hard work! Great first episode. Even without ads. Please keep running with this show. Funimation is going to do a shitty job and take forever to do it.

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