Looking for Eureka Seven AO MBS capper

Unfortunately, our MBS capper is currently unable to cap MBS due to signal issues. We’re looking for someone who can cap MBS and provide us with caps of Eureka Seven Astral Ocean. It airs at 25:55 on Thursday evening aka 1:55am Friday morning in Japanese standard time starting on April 12th. Pm TheFluff on Rizon or leave a comment here with your e-mail in the e-mail field.

11 thoughts on “Looking for Eureka Seven AO MBS capper”

  1. Better not be cr/funi… I been a fan of Eureka seveN since Nanashi subbed it… Personally hoped Nanashi would regroup for this but well… *hint hint* *glares*

    Anyway, I doubt Funi would take it, I think Bandai entertainment has been bones go to for foreign marketing.

      1. Tags are more important now than ever before. Quality (more so video itself) groups are being overshadowed by shitty groups such as Hatsuyuki and Hadena. Oh well, I’m hoping E7 will get simulcast.

      2. Koda I give you full permission to release gg releases renamed 3 weeks after you put them out with [Nanashi] tag

  2. Will you guys be doing the recap thing that aired today? I think it’s just that old “Episode 51” thing, though it was never subbed.

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