Spring Recruitment!

Hi guys. As you all know, the spring anime season is starting this week. We’re happy to announce that we’re recruiting some spare staff (namely timers and typesetters) to help out with the workload. Fansubbers of all occupations are welcome to apply, but it’s hard to say whether we’ll actually need you to do something or not. Please be sure to read over the requirements carefully before you consider applying.

Applicant Requirements

  1. IRC Capability: We use IRC on a daily basis to communicate and we expect new members to be on IRC.
  2. Age: Please be a minimum of twenty (20) years old, but no older than thirty (30). You can take a picture of your identification card or drivers license for this step.
  3. Fansubbing Experience: You must either be in a fansub group or have previous experience working in one. Use your portfolio to provide samples of work you’ve done for other groups.
  4. Cover Letter: Minimum 3 paragraphs. Remember to use your cover letter to introduce yourself and reinforce what your resume says. In some cases, you may even be able to express things that your resume won’t be able to express.
  5. Resume: Your resume should tell us where you learned fansubbing, what groups you’ve worked for, and what kind of skills you have. You can also use it to list your references in other fansub groups.
  6. Portfolio: Your portfolio must show us work from fansub releases you’ve worked on and must have a minimum of work from five (5) different anime series.
  7. References: Minimum 2 group leaders -OR- 4 non-group leader fansubbers. Please include a list of your references with your resume.
  8. Remember to include your phone number on your resume or cover letter header! Our secondary form of communication is text messaging.

In order to begin the application process, query Freya on Rizon and provide her with your cover letter, resume and portfolio. If we like what we see in your portfolio, we will move onto a proper interview over IRC. If you’re a complete idiot, we will probably kickban you from IRC. If you are an okay dude, then you may receive a skills assessment test.

In the past year, we recruited both 8thsin and Zwill using this method. We’re quite happy with these staff members and the work they produce. We hope to add another member or two like them to our group. Thanks for your interest in gg & good luck!

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  1. >take a picture of your identification card or drivers license
    >References: Minimum 2 group leaders -OR- 4 non-group leader fansubbers.
    >include your phone number
    Not sure if April Fool’s joke.

    1. Frankly, Code Geass was done entirely through a game of cell phone tag. Submitting a resume/portfolio for fansubbing is quite normal, as most groups WILL ask you what other groups you’ve worked for and ask you to show them things you’ve done.

    1. We’re planning to do stuff in the upcoming season. It would be poor planning on our part if we didn’t have adequate staff while we shop for shows.

    1. gg offers a competitive salary and an extensive benefits program, including (but not limited to) observer status in the Fansub Illuminati Security Council.

  2. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to become a fansubber. When given the option in college to prepare for a career in medicine as my parents wanted me to, I stood strong in my belief and pursued my dreams: I now hold a bachelor’s degree in both Storytelling and Japanese Media Studies. I plan to move to Japan and live there professionally as soon as possible.
    As I see it, you at gg are first and foremost fans. While nowadays groups trample all over the old subbed anime conventions (no pun intended), it really transpires in your releases that you take fansubbing ethics to heart. This is the sort of environment that I’ve been looking for.
    But you might wonder what exactly I could bring to gg fansubs? Let me start off by saying that I have been watching anime my entire life. My mother used to like to tell my friends that the first words that came out of my mouth were “uguuuu”. When other kids went out to play ball, I was inside watching Akira. When in highschool, other boys were discovering the mysteries of the second sex, I was watching Gundam and Macross. When my friends went on to get jobs after college, I was sitting proudly next to my collection of VOTOMS betamax and life-size papier-mâché replica of Tetsujin-28. Needless to say, I understand anime at an extremely deep level. Common speech figures found in anime are like a second nature to me, to the point that I sometimes have to stop myself from uttering an “itadakimasu” before dinner. Moreover, my grasp of honorifics is masterful, and may even surpass that of native Japanese speakers if I daresay so myself. In light of this, I believe I am qualified to fulfill any given role in the fansubbing process, and I will leave it to your discretion as to which one you think will bring the most to the team.
    While I do not, per se, any direct fansubbing experience, I’m sure if you ask dragonnumbers (Hadena) or Kristen (Chihiro, Coalgirls), they will vouch for my dedication. I eagerly await your response.

    1. I think you’ve already failed the application process. Step 1 in getting any job: Follow the instructions. No where does it say to leave your application in the comments.

      Seems like College still pumps out idiots. Wait, I’m not surprised.

    2. >honorifics

      anyway let me review your coverresumfolio for you.

      Do NOT use contractions.

      semicolon pls

      And don’t start a new sentence with a conjunction.

      “When in highschool”
      who WAS student and fuck your clause.

      “While I do not, per se, HAVE any direct fansubbing experience”

      now you’re ready to apply on 1-4-2013 on irc! good luck

    3. Hello. Applications are to be submitted through IRC only as the part of the application where you demonstrate that you in fact know how to use IRC.




  4. Why wouldn’t you want someone younger than 20 to fansub? The people who have the most time are the ones who are still in high school.

      1. That is discrimination. I am not insufferable, I am barely sufferable, and I now believe all of gg to be pretentious, bigoted, poopieheads.

        someone edit this for me, i don’t care enough

    1. What I don’t understand is the 10 year age range. That is a pretty small window when you look at it relatively.

  5. >Age: Please be a minimum of twenty (20) years old, but no older than thirty (30). You can take a picture of your identification card or drivers license for this step.
    I’m no longer sure if it’s about recruiting staff to sub anime or creating harem…

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