E7AO10, Hyoka 7, New Webpage, and Hyoka = Dropped

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the new webpage. Our previous webhost left the fansubbing community and he cut off all of the services he was providing for us and other groups. Anyway, we’ve relocated. During the downtime, E7AO 10 and Hyoka 7 were both released. 7 was the last episode of Hyoka that 8thsin translated. After releasing 7, I got on Diablo 3 and spoke to 8th and we decided to just drop it. I’m not going to air a bunch of dirty laundry here, but I’ll say that the staff working on it sans 8th and Plorkyeran led to the decision. (✿ˇ◡ˇ) (FUCK YOU KUSION.) Aquarion Evol and the first half of Jormungand will be finishing up this week. We currently have no plans on picking up any additional projects for summer, although apparently Sindalf is trying to find a translator for Campione…? I don’t know how serious he was about that.

46 thoughts on “E7AO10, Hyoka 7, New Webpage, and Hyoka = Dropped”

  1. Even the most beautifully animated Scooby Doo is still Scooby Doo. Hyouka’s an okay time-waster but it’s nothing amazing. It’s certainly not going to be the next financial juggernaut for Kyoto Animation, not if the first nine episodes are any indication.

    1. Have you seen the latest incarnation of Scooby Doo?

      It’s actually good. Far more interesting than Hyouka, and it actually has a plot, too.

  2. Is it wrong I don’t mind the main site going down so I can go to the gg alt site and see chibli Schneizel?

      1. That’s what I mean, but I do already have that linked bookmarked. I just don’t click on it unless the main site is down.

  3. Are you joking me? I fucking loved gg’s Hyouka. The font was awesome. Disappointed that you dropped it, and I really hate those n00bers who just leave things unfinished. If it wasn’t for the fact that you guys were so consistent with Madoka, I would have sworn to not download stuffs from your site again, just because I want to keep each of my downloaded anime series to have the same fansub group to keep things consistent, and I don’t want to suddenly redownload a whole series from a different fansub group.

    1. Which is why I stream all the anime I want to watch, then download the ones I wanna keep, it avoids the need of switching fansub groups when gay groups bugger out of business they really should finish

  4. Well you guys are by no means my first choice………..but, you tend to be one of the more consistent groups as far as completing. I guess I’ll let it slide at that.

  5. Hyouka dropped,

    It was the only show I got from here because nyaa had rated it A+.
    Meh nothing left to do here.

    Doesn’t matter that much though because I’m going to replace them with BD’s anyway.

    Thx, I guess

  6. Now, this is terrible.
    Hyouka delayed so long and now dropped.
    So it’s true. gg now a superb faggot fansub
    I still remember when you had a good release for Code Geass
    but now it’s pretty much stupid and trolling

  7. Is there any likelihood of you guys picking up Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi this summer?

    Uta Koi has NO sub groups whatsoever.

      1. T_T it’s the one series I was interested to watch this season along with the two NoitaminA shows and Junri T_T.

  8. Where are my last 2 trollsubs for Hidan no Aria? I want to know how they use Vlad’s bondage wounds to defeat him after they successfully arouse him.

  9. Kusion is really a master of derping.
    I don’t mind gg dropping Ice Cream, b/c it’s more like UTW than gg anyway. Staffwise.

  10. I lost all interest in the show after episode 3. And since then, I kept trying to convince 8th to drop the show.

    1. Congratulation!
      5 episodes later, your wish granted.
      Just wondering, if you’re not interested in the show, why’d you working on it in the first place? Dropping the series sooner or later bound to happen.

  11. The governor of Arizona has great hair! He’s really young too. Not to mention blonde! I have to wonder, have they seen our politicians?

  12. I feel like gg don’t get the love that they deserve. I cannot agree with people calling them faggots for dropping a series when I do not see you attempting to contribute. You guys could atleast try to be grateful.
    The only time when I got annoyed with gg was when they trolled Hidan no Aria, but besides that I love their work.
    So thank you gg for releasing these brilliant shows and I hope you continue with the good work in the future. If you don’t then I can honestly say I shall miss this group more than most.

  13. Then hope its possible that you bring the BDs from Aquarion, when not make so many new series.
    -Escpecially the episodes who have new scenes. *begging*

  14. >Our previous webhost left the fansubbing community and he cut off all of the services he was providing for us and other groups.

    Without prior notice?

    Wow, what a faggot.

  15. And not a bad looking website, I must say!

    Thanks for the episodes and pity about Hyoka… but oh well, there’s always Mazui… thanks again and good night!

  16. I was actually enjoying Hyouka and 8thsins’ translations, times like this make me wish I knew how to type-set and use IRC channels…. I’m useless and useless people don’t have the right to complain, so I won’t

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