21 thoughts on “Binbougami ga! 08”

    1. Dunno. We’ve just been remuxing the broadcast audio from the start, so any issues are likely to be on the TV station’s end.

  1. Thanks and congratulations for a great job on this series. I think you capture the intent and humor in a way that maximizes the fun and the serious intent.

  2. Alright!! finally another Binbougami :3

    The happy days from friday to tuesday (Binbougami, Oda Nobuna, Joshiraku, all 3 are released between that period) each week has begun, again.

    thanks, gg subs :D

  3. “She Who Must Not Be Named”/”Koda the Vengeful”

    That was me. Sorry about that. I just saw it on your Tumblr. I was trying to get a reaction out of Hadena to see what they thought they were trying to do with that ep6 release, as in why gg and why this title. I’m still not sure.

    Well, for the record let me say that Koda is NOT vengeful! Ow! Ow! Ok, I wrote a retraction, now let go of my arm! I can’t type much with one hand… No! Not the hair! You promised!! Uncle!uncle!uncle! …Koda is as peaceful as a kitten in sunshine…I give!Igive!Igive!Igive!…And I like to smell my own butt.

    You know, violence never solved anything. OW! OW! OW! OK!OK!…Violence solves things, violence solves things!

    (Seriously, if you had a mind to be vengeful…)
    (“She Who Must Not Be Named” -Title for his wife, from Rumpole of the Bailey)

    Nice design on your raspberry leaves and 3 “branches”.

    1. Opps. Actually, Rumpole’s name for his wife was “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” I wonder where I got the “Must Not Be Named” one? Oh well.

  4. Thanks for the episode. Seems to me the seed for a major fight between Ranmaru and Chichiko has been laid, but I doubt we will see it since there are only four episodes left.

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