Eureka Seven AO 17

Dear god. Two assholes bailed on me today… just as GW2 came out — which, ultimately, made me realize how much of a whiny asshole Ao is.

Anyway, next season needs to come sooner. Can’t wait for KyoAni’s new show, if you know what I mean ;)

( Torrent )

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  1. “… Anyway, next season needs to come sooner. Can’t wait for KyoAni’s new show, if you know what I mean ;) …”

    Öhh, hai desu, i think i know what you mean \o/

  2. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!? As far as I know, that’s the only series produced by KyoAni next season. Looks quite promising.

  3. Did their breasts get bigger in this alternate dimension too? They look massive in comparison to previous episodes(and even the ending?). what the hell, creepy.

    1. So what you get from that is…
      Wiping out countries = Bigger breasts for girls all around the world.
      Creating countries = Smaller breasts for girls all around the world.

      Also an energy beam capable of destroying your enemies, burning throughout all of time, does not eventually burn away the planets atmosphere, or the ground it’s hitting, wiping out Earth as we know it….

      And people with green hair can create WMDs that are crazy insane and break the law of relativity as we know it. GREEN HAIR! Beware the clowns >_>;

  4. ::protip::
    Anyone that downloads a torrent, always check for data consistency.
    Someone in the network has a bad chunk and it has spread like wildfire, basically it has a corruption.

    I can’t get the chunk since it always downloads the corrupted one.

    Sometime this can be harmless(it does not affect barely or anything at all), but other times this can mean bad rendering and the likes, so watch out and check your data always.

    1. Uh, no. The Bittorrent protocol has built-in checksumming for every chunk, so the scenario you describe can never happen. If anyone could just sabotage the swarm by uploading bogus data to other users, the whole protocol would be useless. This is pretty basic stuff.

      1. Interesting, I’ll check my HDD to see if I have some bad sectors, I can be an attempt that when saving a chunk in that bad sector, when I check(client side) the checksum it returns that I’m missing a chunk so it tries to redownload that same chunk and I’m guessing my HDD tries to allocate it in the same sector, I try do download again but this time saving it in a new place, so it does not write in that same sector, I’m using Linux and Linux always places thing closest to the beginning to the start point of the HDD unlike windows random allocations of data. thanks for the response.

      2. File allocation depends solely on file system. IIRC, neither NTFS nor ext is writing data as close the beginning of partition as possible.

      3. Clients create the file and fill it with junk data, which then gets replaced with real data when the information is downloaded. This is why torrents you’ve just started, create a file the total size of the fully downloaded version from the getgo. This also means if the file is on a bad sector on the HDD, and certain chunks get corrupted, it’s almost a guarantee that it’ll always be the same chunks, as they’re almost always going to be written to the same parts of the HDD.

        If you have bad sectors on the HDD ghost to a new one and then chkdsk /r. If not, then chkdsk /r to repair any issues with the filesystem anyway. If there are no bad sectors, and chkdsk finds nothing, memtest. If memory passes at least 2 to 4 times, then try moving the data to a different location/partition on the HDD or a different one altogether. If you still have issues sfc /scannow, then findstr /c:”[SR]” %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log > sfcdetails.txt
        then type sfdetails.txt and see if any major system files are having issues, although to be honest I doubt it’ll help this specific issue. You could also check eventlog from admin tools and see if any app specific issues, or system specific issues had any impact on your client during the time you experienced the issues.

        Fail in all these things, and seek wisdom from a tree, and wish for eternal bliss and a cardboard box you can live in.

      4. @Anon
        Linux + commands for Windows = FAIL

        Well, in the past, I had a similar problem on Windows. Don’t know why, but almost every big file that I tried to copy/move was damaged. Reinstalling Windows solved everything.

      5. some reason I can’t respond directly to Flecht… +-+

        Yeah sorry, didn’t read it properly. Thought he was just making a statement of linux and not that he was using it, but didn’t read it properly. Although regardless, 2/4 isn’t bad (Check for bad sectors + memtest), plus a statement on how BT works, although I have no idea if it does that for Linux as well so that might be a fail too XD

      6. @fletch, yes it is filesystem dependent, google up “ext4”, allocation is different, that’s why we barely to never get fragmentation.

        @Anon, MS commands are no good on Linux :P but in the basics, we can memory test and we can check for bad sectors using various tools that are available.

  5. Which of you guys are playing GW2? if so what server will you guys be on? I know you want another weebo fag to play with you somehow ( ̄ω ̄;)

      1. I couldn’t pre-purchase since no local retailer has the service, going to pick up my copy later. Going to leave my ingame name here after Installation.

      2. So I just created my account and finished installing but with my internet this 5.5gb patch is going to murder… sigh…

  6. I dont agree with you on Ao. Renton was WAY more of a whiny bitch all through the first series. Ao is quite mature for a 13 year old in comparison. ;P

    God this is gonna be one of my favorite animes. Its so great. The music is superb.

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