Eureka Seven AO 18

How long will it be before I stop lying to myself that this show is worth watching? Luckily, my hopes aren’t zero yet. Also, I can craft up to lvl 70 accessories in GW2, add me “Strawberries” if you want to be my nakama. ( Torrent )

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  1. Thank you so much, this always makes my Thursdays. It’s not nearly as good as the original but its got its merits. Ao is an interesting character in my opinion, though the plot could have been done a lot better, or so it seems so far.

  2. I know what you mean. I want to love this show because of how strongly I feel about the original, but I’m constantly getting let down. I’m still holding out hope though.

    Anyways thanks for the subs guys!

  3. you guys are crazy.

    Ao is awesome as shit.

    Its a great anime, its certanily got the best OST this season, its got superb beautiful bones animation, plot constantly keeps you on your toes and guessing, main character isn’t a whiny little bitch like the original. In fact the only thing Ao is missing is a great love story that is the only department the original surpassed Ao in.

    I mean are you guys even anime fans? What do you prefer? animes about 14 year old girls like Koi to chocolate? the 10000th anime to be about japanese warlords as girls? animes with annoying shitty main characters such as hunter x hunter?

    I mean I can’t understand how anyone who is an anime fan could call this show less than DECENT, its at least DECENT.

    I mean I love the original, its got great parts. dont get me wrong, but Ao will earn a place among Rahxephon, Gurren Lagann, Samurai Champloo, Fate Zero, Rurouni Kenshin as one of my fav animes for sure as long as it has a satisfying ending.

    Is it that you guys just growing out of anime or something? Or II guess its just different strokes or different folks? I dont understand it.

    1. “plot constantly keeps you on your toes” – probably because every twist feels like it’s been pulled out of someone’s ass. And the reason you don’t hate any of the characters in AO is likely because the show makes it difficult for you to care about them in the first place.

    2. Gon and Killua can be tiresome at times, but better to be annoying and interesting than inoffensive and boring. The one thing that can be said about Ao is that he’s Renton and Eureka’s son alright. He has his fathers whininess and his mothers indifference. Except he has none of the traits that made them likeable. He doesn’t have Rentons bravado or clumsiness nor Eureka’s eccentricity. He’s just bland, which is sadly something that can be said of a lot of the cast of E7AO.

      Too much of the focus is on Ao, which means nearly everyone else gets lost in the background. Sure Elena has some mystery crap that they’ve been teasing at, but Fleur is just a one-dimensional spoiled brat with daddy issues. The original was much better at giving the rest of the cast time in the spotlight. It was made clear that Renton and Eureka were the main characters but Holland and the rest of Gekkostate got to shine too. They didn’t just feel like they were shoved in there to be accessories to the protagonist.

      It’d be forgiveable though if the plot didn’t take so long to get moving. They wasted about ten episodes or so on formulaic monster of the week episodes. Yes the original E7 dragged it’s feet at the beginning, but it was twice the length of AO and could afford to do so. And at the very least E7’s episodes were never formulaic.

      Plus the OST, while good, isn’t as good as the original. Definitely among the better OSTs out there, just not as good as E7’s.

      Look, I’m not saying that AO is bad. But I’d be hesitant to call it great. It could definitely be far better than it is. Maybe it’ll change my mind before it’s finished, maybe not. So far though, it just isn’t ticking enough of the right boxes.

      1. “Yes the original E7 dragged it’s feet at the beginning, but it was twice the length of AO and could afford to do so.” >> Doesn’t that mean the original could’ve shown its story in fewer episodes with a better pace and is instead dragging it out?

        I agree that E7’s episodes were not as formulaic…but weren’t the “formulaic” episodes in E7AO the episodes where the other characters had their time to tell their story?

    3. If AO is a great anime, then Aquarion EVOL was the best.

      E7AO’s pacing feels horrible, almost on par with EVOL’s in my opinion. Perhaps I am just unused to anime where a different story is futured in each episode, but in other anime they usually provide some sort of closure at the end of the episode, saying that the arc has ended. AO always leaves a nagging feeling after each episode, and since the show rarely continues where it left from the last episode, it just feels extremely confusing.

      My personal irk though is how the adults let Ao get away with everything. In Zeta Gundam, the protagonist Kamille gets such a beating that he falls unconscious. What did he do to deserve it? Being late to a meeting.

      Ao however has multiple instances where he just does his own thang and ignores senior officers, and no one reprimands him for it. Even in this episode, (SPOILER, I guess?) Elena and Fleur practically caused the world to oppose Generation Bleu. Were there repercussions? Nope, because “the children lead the piper” or some shit.

      Granted, Generation Bleu isn’t exactly a military organization, but it is still a company, and should have enforced rules. Otherwise one could just go ahead and wipe the other militaries off of the earth using their IFOs.

      1. I agree with you about the pacing. The stuff about Ao getting away with everything though I think is probably justified. Frankly it’s being played out that they’re just allowed to do whatever the hell they like because it just ends up furthering the adults own personal agenda.

        I mean look at the latest episode. The mechanic order practically gives Fleur and Elena the order to sortie. Honestly it just seems like they give them free reign to disobey orders because it means they don’t have to shoulder the responsibility for the things they wanted done anyway.

  4. Yeah… this show…

    Well, just like Aquarion Evol, THANKS SO MUCH FOR PERSEVERING!

    Have a great night and, by all means, DROWN yourself in GW2!

  5. Dumb question: Are you guys cutting anything out of the previews? I just checked Funi subs and they have a fully voiced preview for Episode 17.

  6. This story line is so lacking, i wish it wasn’t episode 19 already and we had something like a plot. It seemed like they started to make one but then they went off on the time “seven swell” cannon thing, and now Ao’s field trip to a battle cruiser. im so confused on what (if anything) happened in this episode. T.T

  7. This show has been disappointing me for over half its run-time now.
    The entire story so far.
    All of it.
    Every important thing.
    Could have been put into 4 episodes.
    2 if we where given a condensed version.
    And here we are at 18.

    First it was long episodes of confusion and angst followed by power-rangers like one hit to win battles at the end, and now we don’t even have that.

    The entire damn series is just watching a kid be angry, confused, and indecisive, all the while we have all the information, as if all this indecision is supposed to create drama.
    Of course all it does is confuse and frustrate us as we watch a story go on and on about nothing.

    Naruto is begging to look better than this shit, and there’s an anime that’s not afraid to serve up blatant steaming turds every other episode.

    1. Well said, the entire show is basically Ao trying to find his mommy, with it being filled with terrible plot and horrible character interactions.

  8. Are you guys even anime fans? What do you prefer shows about 12 year old girls or the 10000th show to feature a female japanese warlord?

    You compare Ao to fucking AQUARION EVOL?!

    I mean are you insane?

    Ao is the masterpiece of the year for sure, its got mind blowingly good animation and fantastic music.

    How can you say Renton has more bravado than Ao. Ao is about 100 times more bad ass.
    Renton acted like an immature 5 year old and cried throughout all of E7 and ran away from his duties and cried and cried when he ACCIDENTLY killed someone.

    Ao always stands up to the plate and gets done what needs to get done. He never bitches out or complains about what he has to do. Closest hes come to doing that is going to the allied forces, but he was really only doing that cuz he wanted to use the gun to get to his mom and didnt want gen blue to be hated by the world for having the gun. He was trying to protect them.

    I dont understand you people at all.

    Ao gonna be one of my favorite shows of all time if its got a good ending.

    Ao, compared to EVOL? Really dude? god i just dont even know what to say.

    1. They’re different, end of story :)

      Missing in AO is the feeling of being free.
      AO is in an organisation that’s ruled by tighter rules than gekko-state.

      Even though, if you break them both down the fighting etc isn’t all that much different, it just felt bigger.

      Plus Renton + Eureka > AO solo.

      Loving AO so far as well though, but I’m not putting it on the masterpiece pedal like I have E7

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