26 thoughts on “Joshiraku ep 6”

  1. This episode has a few mistimed lines due to(I presume) lines that were missing before timing.
    At about 15:11 it should be something like “Or these here?” but is currently “A hot pot! I want a hot pot!”
    Around 17:43 this line “It doesn’t matter what kind of an election it is. She just has to win one.” carries on over a line which should be something like “This, for example.”

  2. Unofficial patch, changes:
    -added ED to chapters
    -renamed chapters
    -15:10.59, “A hot pot! I want a hot pot!” -> “Or these here?”
    -17:46.50, added “This, for example.”

    I hope gg does not mind me posting this patch, as it is in no way an Official release for gg. It is only meant to be an intermediate-fan release until gg posts an official v2.
    If at anytime gg fansubs does not want me posting this patch, please email me and I will immediately take the link down. That said, Enjoy =)

  3. > Thoughts?
    Rather, that is actually happens IRL. Joshiraku got it right, other animes insist on having the protagonist waer no more than 3 outfits:
    – fucking seifuku
    – pajama
    – swimwear

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