Joshiraku Ep 7


Hello everyone. Guild Wars 2 came out, and the League S2 NA regionals start on Thursday. …I don’t have much to say about anime. Torrent!

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  1. Thanks for subbing binbougami and joshiraku. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I’m relatively new to anime and I’m glad that there is someone to sub these great shows.
    Many thanks, friends.

  2. >watching some shitty League tourney instead of the Internationals
    >haven’t moved on from League to Dota in general

    step it up koda

      1. And the only good thing about LoL is that you can recall. Besides that LoL is the super smash brother of the ARTS scene.

  3. Thanks for your work.

    I would like to say I really appreciate the non-intrusive karaoke you’ve been doing for joshiraku.

  4. Either TSM or CLG will win PAX, maybe curse can beat tsm like how they beat tsm in the solomid invite, but my money is obviously on CLG/TSM

  5. Unofficial patch, changes:
    -added ED to chapters
    -renamed chapters

    I hope gg does not mind me posting this patch, as it is in no way an Official release for gg. It is only meant to be an intermediate-fan release until gg posts an official v2.
    If at anytime gg fansubs does not want me posting this patch, please email me and I will immediately take the link down. That said, Enjoy =)

  6. I just want to let you guys know how much I appreciate your work subbing this series.
    It’s especially important to me because this and one other anime are all I’m interested in watching this season. So you guys are providing me with 50% of all my viewing entertainment!
    I REALLY appreciate that, and I LOVE the hell out of Joshiraku! I mean laughing really hard (ok, maybe I’m a bit wierd). So if it helps at all, know that I am super grateful for your releasing this series!

  7. Hi Guys/Girls,

    Just wanted to say as a completely random fan, I really appreciate you releasing subs for Joshiraku. This type of Japanese focused anime is fantastic and without your hard work I’m sure I would have never had the chance to watch it. It looks like a right pain to translate considering all the localised content/jokes/humour, but that is (to me) what makes this show great!

    The notes that come with it are also awesome, I’ve learnt a great deal just from them! Though the usefulness of the info may be questionable, I still enjoy reading it.

    Thanks again! (brown nosing complete!)

  8. ^ up here is really stupid… if you dont want waiting go subs it yourself…. gg are providing for free is already good enough ….. stupid

  9. from i see from GG home….

    Joshiraku 8: Translated, @ other steps
    Joshiraku 9: Translated, @ other steps
    Joshiraku 10: Translated, @ other steps

    they are still working on it~ i guess?

  10. I hope you don’t quit subbing this series. I just saw the raw file for ep. 12 on nyaa. I never watch a series till I have all the episodes. So if you give up I definitely won’t start watching something I can’t finish. Thanks for 1-7.

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