Binbougami ga Ep 12

Here’s a torrent.

No, we haven’t dropped Joshiraku. There’s like a message on the top of the webpage that’s stickied and gives you the status.

No, none of the people working on Joshiraku even play Guild Wars 2.

Yes, we will call you dumb if you still ask about Joshiraku despite being told what the status is.

Edit: Patch.

17 thoughts on “Binbougami ga Ep 12”

  1. thanks for the earlier than usual release!

    however, 20:16-20:21 seems to be having overlapping subs though. i dunno if its just me. o.O

  2. Thanks for the updates on all the torrents and keep up the good work on Joshiraku funny people don’t read your updates and see your hard at work and havent dropped the show and i cant wait for your epic releases!

  3. I’m assuming this torrent is still v1, and we’ll have to apply the v2 ourselves?

    Either way, thanks a ton. Lub this show, and by extension you gguys for subbing it.

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