Binbougami ga Ep 13 (End)

Here’s the last episode of Binbougami ga.
Edit: Patch, since KayDat sucks

This reminds me of that time at Axpo 2011 when a guy came up to me in the food court and said, “Hey, aren’t you koda? I came from Hawaii to call you a faggot.”


Thanks to lightwater for translating.

No thanks to lightwater for not being a fast enough translator & having school thus making it a Thursday release and causing annoying leechers to flood the website every week asking why it’s so “late”.

Thanks to Xythar for editing, encoding, and doing odd jobs.

No thanks to Xythar for going on vacation during the last 2 episodes despite all of his crap about how fansubbing = only thing he spends his spare time on.

Thanks to Plorkyeran for encoding for the first couple episodes before Xythar took over doing it.

No thanks to Jaka for his retarded mkvtoolnix install which caused Plorkyeran to look like he was unable to add audio to an mkv.

Thanks to Sindalf for timing it. At first.

No thanks to Sindalf for bitching about doing it.

Thanks to fgghjjkll for volunteering to time something and taking over timing it from Sindalf.

No thanks to fgghjjkll for being a 13 year old Chinese kid. (Did you know you forgot the default style for ep13? Good thing I caught that.)

Thanks to KayDat for filling in while Xythar was on vacation.

No thanks to KayDat for not doing a good job babysitting Jaka.

Thanks to herkz for typesetting the first episode while we looked for another dude to take over doing it full time.

No thanks to herkz for going full autism mode on applicants and hopefuls.

Thanks to Tai for agreeing to typeset the rest of it. Or so we thought.

No thanks to Tai for going “I don’t wanna do this” a billion weeks in a row including this week.

Thanks to fnord for translating the songs.

No thanks to valerauko for disappearing today which will cause more leechers to drop by wondering where E7AO is even though they also simultaneously complain about it being a bad show.

Thanks to my memory for remembering all of this crap so I could make such an uplifting “end of series” post.

No thanks to Zwill for disappearing causing leechers to drop by wondering where Joshiraku is.

Thanks to Dao for sharing some of the wealth.

No thanks to Dao for not sharing all of / more of the wealth.

On that note, I’m pretty sure we’re now recruiting typesetters, or we’ll just \an8 everything next season.

69 thoughts on “Binbougami ga Ep 13 (End)”

      1. We cannot thank you enough for everything you guys are doing. Hopefully the next season goes more smoothly for you guys.

  1. I hope you guys do Zetsuen No Tempest and PSYCHO-PASS next season, and thanks for the hard work for this show, much appreciated, and by the way what does \an8 mean?

    1. Zetsuen is actually on the list of possibilities, but Minority Report is more than likely going to be simulcasted.

      an8 = Sub shows up at the top of the screen.

  2. Thanks you gg for the subs!

    No thanks to vale for being MIA!

    Jokes aside. Thank you guys :). Any idea what you’ll be doing next season?

  3. Also like to note there’s an error at 5:11 with “Fine then! If you take us, I’ll you touch my boobs or whatever else you want”

  4. People will complain no matter how hard you try to make them happy. You guys rock for doing something so tedious! :) Thanks

  5. Haha, you guys are hilarious. But dammit, I’m really sad to see this show go; it was one of my favorites this season. Ah well, thanks for taking the time to sub it all. I really appreciate it.

  6. Thank you GG. I never expected anything of you but the best that you could do within the time frame that you could muster.

    If school holds you up, I’m actually quite proud of you for making the choices you made. I’m a middle aged fart, so that pride means that the generation after me is made of of some good blokes.

    BTW. The last four eps of Joshi will be golden as far as I’m concerned. I won’t be able to watch them without thinking about the work you put into it when you could.

    Cheers, lads.

  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Excellent work. The effort is much appreciated as this anime is wonderfully funny.

    1. Also

      20:58 Who’s chest you calling monstrous?!
      -> “Who’s” should be “Whose”

      21:01 Shut up you autistic slut!
      -> should have a comma after “up”

      Whoever did QC / editing threw in the towel too early in the ep?

      Anyway, for cereal, thanks for seeing this show through.

  8. I think if anyone gets to complain about their jobs, it’s fansubbers. It’s a pretty damn thankless job, and you don’t even get paid! So thank you so very much for all the great releases; even though I’m a huge Eureka Seven fan and I actually like Astral Ocean, I wouldn’t dream of asking when the subs will get released. They will get released when they get released, and I am damn well happy that someone works on it at all. You guys are great, and go ahead and complain all you want; leechers will be leechers, if they hate it so much, let them go sub it themselves.

    1. Woah dere leecher. Must be desperate to post here and there about your feelings that no one cares.

      Let’s see, Code Geass. It’s like asking for DMCA complaints from Bandai and co.
      If you are that desperate, try watching the raws like some, or maybe learn to read some Chinese.
      Or like any normal english fan, wait for the US release.

      Its hard to tell whether you are plain stupid or simply retarded? Might as well be both.

      1. Not that I’m in any hurry myself, since I can wait for someone else to translate it, which will happen sooner or later, despite this little debate….but that’s not exactly a convincing argument.

        There’s suddenly a fear of getting a DMCA from Bandai/Sunrise? Really? Might as well stop subbing Binbougami itself, since that’s also one of their shows.

        In practice, there’s no U.S. license announcement or official release planned for the OVA at the moment. There will be subs on the Japanese release, but that’s just importing since they’re not even distributing it in the U.S. like they did previously with Gundam UC.

  9. Dudes thank you for your work. It’s a shitty show, but we like it. I believe that’s the main idea, right? I mean, I live in a Central American, 3rd world country, and watch this crap because of you. Feel proud. I’m dying of malaria, syphillis, AIDS and flu, but hey, I got the pleasure of watching shows like this one and Ben-to, so, SUCK THAT AIDS.

    Keep it up, my subbing minions.

  10. At least the Axpo guy is more of a man than Jaggawuts will ever be.
    Anyways, appreciate you guys finishing this episode. Good job y’all.

  11. Don’t listen to the hateful idiots, you guys are doing a great job, and about E7AO, if there’s someone that don’t like it just search for something else (4 g0ds sake), it’s a wonderful show btw ^^

  12. Thanks a lot for subbing this series. It turned out much more enjoyable than expected. Hopefully you guys work on the 2nd season if it ever comes. BTW shouldn’t it be “godhood” and not “godness”?

  13. This episode was even better than I thought it would be. Sad that the series was so short. Maybe they’ll make a season two? I guess we can always hope so.
    Thanks again GG.

  14. I just wanted to say thanks and you guys are awesome! Also, I think that all your haters should Piss The F**k Off. If they think they could do a better job or are disappointed about your subs, then they can just go somewhere else or learn Japanese. Anyhow, thanks again guys!

  15. show wasn’t very funny. the whole thing felt like a lead up to Nadesico getting a speaking part in the show, which left me loll’ing hard and made it all worth it.

  16. whos this guy from hawaii you speak of. ill meet up with him just to punch him in his face hahaha

    dont see why everybody hates on joshiraku, i was laughing the whole way through this last episode.

  17. bwakakakakakaka….
    this man at twitter are very quite epic failed

    but really i like the way GG fansubs style of typeset especially Eureka 7 AO

  18. dropping my thanks here for the subs youve done for this show.
    haters will always hate, always.

    will also look out on what you will be doing for next season.

  19. Just watched the finale here and wanted to say that I saw what you did there with that last “Binbougami ga!” Good on ya, and keep the trolling coming, you guys seem to be the only repository of sense of humor in fansubban….

  20. Thanks guys!!!

    And for those complaining for late release, fuck off! Its not like you are paying for these releases. Stop being a bitch.

  21. you guys rock! i love this series better than my local movie XD

    its because you guys i can savor many laugh from this series :)

  22. Thanks for all the laughs GG! Sad to see Binbougami leave, hope it has another season. Either way, thanks again GG Subs.

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