Code Geass Akito the Exiled 01

Have you hailed your emperor today? (Torrent)

Remember to support your local pizza shop. I prefer Papa Johns and Domino’s since let’s be honest here, Pizza hut sucks.

80 thoughts on “Code Geass Akito the Exiled 01”

    1. it looks like a low bandwidth webcast upscaled from 360p, or 480p at most… I’ve stopped watching it after a few mins, and wait for a better release

      1. PSN rip. Deal with it till BD comes out. It’s not getting any better unless you want an even worse looking 1080p raw.

  1. The quality was fine, I’ve seen a lot worse before like the Hyouka OVA webcast. If you wanna wait for a BD rip or something for keeps sure, but this is still very enjoyable and I see no problem with it.

      1. They are doing it surprisingly slow then… see, how many days after broadcast?

        …only one? What the, it feels like a week already…

  2. ya’ll must have a seriously bad pizza hut to prefer dominoes. and little ceasar’s tastes like a true $5 pizza. it sucks here, frozen pizzas taste better.


  4. i think there is some translation inaccuracy at 30:56
    the 2 guys at the front of the truck are talking about the 11’s old people. then next come:
    gg translation: “I want to see their legs make an eleven from behind!” which is a joke made at the expense of the 11 refugees.

    On the other hand, lit. is “I want to show the eleven at the back too” as meant to be a mockery to Hyuga who is sitting at the back (presumably, with his knightmare)…

    1. I don’t think they’re talking about Hyuga–they’re just random grunts. It’s more like “i want them to show me an 11 from behind,” as in he wants to bend them over and fuck them from behind, so their legs make an 11. At least that’s how I thought about it.

    2. don’t think Japanese’s ambiguity goes that far. Especially in this case since the sentence, which itself is plain and simple, imo.

      Anyway, I’m not about to do the breakdown analysis of the sentence to show who’s right and who’s wrong. Thanks for the release tho.

  5. Dominoes is hands down the worst pizza in the entire world. If you think otherwise, please smather canned dog food on your genitals and stand beside a wasp nest with no pants on.

    Between Papa Johns and Pizza Hut, I have to give Papa Johns the nod, but only because their shitty pizza generally comes with garlic butter dipping sauce, so you can drown that shitty pizza taste under butter, salt, and garlic.

    Pizza Hut tends to be the cheapest pizzas. Which, I suppose is a plus. Their lunch buffet can’t be beat if you’re looking to simply gorge yourself on liquid grease on a dollar/pound of grease ingested scale. Depending on your priorities, this can be a good or bad thing.

    I remember when Pizza Hut tried to class up their pizzas with a line of more expensive pizzas that used fire roasted tomatoes, and generally higher quality ingredients. I can only assume the only reason anyone eats Pizza Hut is the cheap price, as those premium pizzas didn’t seem to last long before I stopped seeing them.

    Now that I’m living in Hawaii, I miss good pizza, as this backwater state doesn’t seem to have a single remotely good pizzaria anywhere. And, their cheapo pizzarias like Pizza Hut charge more for their cardboard pizzas than any of the gourmet pizza places I’ve eaten at anywhere on the continental US. A large specialty at Pizza Hut here is $27. They were $10 at the local Pizza Hut in Chicago. Being in the middle of the fucking Pacific Ocean should not make something almost three times more exensive (don’t ge me started on my electric bill here….$450/month…wtf).

    Also, some blathering non-coherent verbal masturbation over Code Geass: Boys Who Wish They Were Born Girls.

  6. Lelouch was never dead, the last episode confirms it, Code holders(like C.C) can send images to other people, when Nunnaly touches Lelouch she sees those images, also the vague remark from C.C at the very end makes it more believable.
    I have seen both seasons about more than 15 times.

    Fun Fact: Miname(Purple Haired Dude) is a lolicon, you can see him blushing at Nunnaly when she is giving her proclamation, Nunnaly is a middle-schooler.

    1. Hahaha, please don’t. The only thing that has been confirmed, over and over and over again, is the fact he IS dead. Members of the cartdriver club always manage to crack me up, no matter how bad a day I’m having.

  7. Wait so Geass powers aren’t unique?

    That Xin guy seems to have the exact powers of Lelouch.

    …Then again, it was never established that Geass powers are one-of-a-kind. \(~_~)/

  8. couldn’t you guys have made the video smaller, its a 50 min video and its over 650mb, can anyone encode it to 200mb or something i don’t have that much bandwidth allocation.

  9. High motion sequences give eye cancer.. unwatchable ..

    This release is only valid as a V0.

    I’m sure it will be broadcast again , be sure to make arrangements to get that raw when it happens.

  10. I know i can’t be blind, i don’t know why everyone here complains about image noise or anything for that matter

    i used KM Player …playing the whole 50mins and i haven’t noticed shit.

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