18 thoughts on “Eureka Seven AO 19”

  1. YEAH! What he said!

    Then again… never really cared for punctuality… thanks so much for the episode and please have a good night!

  2. And you guys made it sounds like this would be horribly delayed. Well, I guess it is a couple of days late. Ah well, with college in full-swing I’ve had a huge backlog of anime that I barely caught up with last night, so for me this is just on time. :P
    Thanks again GG, keep up the good work!

  3. The only reason i watch this show is for the OP and ED, Eurkea, And the occasional random “PLOT TWISTS”. Thank you none the less!

  4. Best show of all time. Well not really its not as good as Rahxephon or Gurren Lagann but its gonna be in my top 5 animes of all time for sure if its got a satisfying ending.

    Thanks so much.

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