24 thoughts on “Eureka Seven AO 21”

  1. This was kind of a messed up episode… wasn’t it?
    There happened so much without any tension comming up… they probably messed up the whole plot to much and need to get all the plot lines together in like 2 to 3 more episodes to make sense in the end…

  2. Thanks for subbing but man this show is a bloody waste of time.

    Bones needs to back off from the sequels. Darker than Black 2 was a awful and this show may actually be worse than that.

  3. That line was suprisingly in-character for Elena. Good job on the translation front, but there’s a couple of grammar slips in the first half i.e. that comment asking about the new board.
    Also “the scab burst blaw off on yesterday” boneslawl

  4. This ep made about as much sense as today’s american congress passing anything. But what ever, as long as a i see eureka I DONT CARE >.>.

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