Joshiraku Ep 8

Here’s a torrent. In case you were wondering, the full story of delays is basically this: I’m on break from fansubbing until mid October because I’m taking a bunch of 8 week classes. Kusion was supposed to replace me on Joshiraku, but we waited for him to pretty much do nothing because he’s completely useless (basically I should just kick him out of group at this point). Then when fnord had finished his work, Zwill was supposed to [do stuff], but Zwill had gone traveling around Europe or wherever. But now Zwill is home and slaving away at Joshiraku 9/10 as well. 11/12 are at translation since vale has been away working.

Game of the week: Torchlight 2.

48 thoughts on “Joshiraku Ep 8”

  1. Thanks for the release. Kusion was apparently the roadblock holding up a bunch of Underwater releases as well. Unfortunately, it looks like THAT situation still hasn’t been resolved. In any case, it’s good to finally have some Joshiraku again. I will be looking forward to the rest in the pipeline.

  2. so just wondering, but what was actually said to denote the MLP/toonami reference? was it some obscure nipponese reference that westerners would never understand, and was the reason for the change?

    1. MLP reference – Wordplay on Shin, the word for New. Examples given are obscure, sports related, or cannot be translated without losing the pun in translation, like “synchronised swimming”.

      Toonami – Kigu says “Surume” which is dried squid (i think). Once again, impossible to translate without losing the pun.

  3. Oh, sweet water of life!
    I thought I was going to die. But it was only the Joshiraku (May) blues.
    In order to make it this far, I been replaying the opening and closing tracks now and again. Just to keep the shakes from getting out of control.
    Maybe it’s because the wait has been so hard for me, but I felt that this release was one of the best.
    Thanks again for saving my life with the truly beautiful Joshiraku!

  4. oh guys i love you so much i was waiting for this episode for ages but i’m happy that u are still working on joshiraku thank you very much!

  5. mfg.

    I waited for this – I almost gave up on you guys.

    Now ill be watching this site every day for the next episode.

    Deliver fast – or I shall summon my tentacle.

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