Joshiraku Ep 9

Accurate picture of what Zwill looks like right now. (Torrent)

  • vale is still mia which means no E7AO, and no more progress on translating the last few eps of Joshiraku.
  • Btw, the last 2 episodes of E7AO (23/24) will air later in November. I assume there was a scheduling mishap because of the Olympics.
  • I hear Binbogami 13 needs a v3 because of a font issue. I have no idea. I will look into it when I get back home later today.

25 thoughts on “Joshiraku Ep 9”

  1. “No more progress on translating the last few eps of Joshiraku”… a bit sad to hear that as i’m looking fwd to it… but, really appreciate the work.. :)

  2. Thanks much, I appreciate it! Looking forward to whenever the rest are done, as long as the project isn’t dropped delays are no big.

  3. The time between updates was really good for having people on the team wander off.
    I imagine it was a ton of work without everyone working together.
    But I didn’t mind the delay this time. It was just long enough to start to miss the joshi~s, but not so long that I get painful withdrawal. Thanks so much for the wonderful sub work!

  4. Well at least theres that other group of people who are subbing E7AO…So that’s up at least…albeit slow compared with ggfansubs on a regular day…but who cares.

  5. It wasn’t a scheduling mishap. They’re hoping the gap makes people forget how gawd awful Ao is so the show ends with a surge in viewers (sarcasm aside, I realize this shit excuse for a E7 sequel hits pretty much every anime marketing check mark, so I’m sure it is/will be a financial success; if not an artistic one).

    Vale deserves a fucking medal for having lasted as long as he or she or it did translating that butt vomit.

    1. It’s not a huge success. The sales reception is lukewarm and even a niche series like Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Which is awesome by the way. Quality satire/social commentary/parody) with no fanservice beats it in sales.

  6. So now that Zwill Solo has been carbon frozen on the orders of Koda the Hutt, is someone gonna be a Leia to save his butt while wearing a metal bikini?

  7. plus points for taking on a show w/ a difficult translation that no streaming site or other fansubbing group took up.

    but if this project was handled just a little differently, it would’ve ended up alot less frustrating & stressful for both sides.

    1. Just want to point out here that if you read back through the blog, you’ll see Joshiraku was intended to be a slowsub project from the very beginning. We weren’t originally intending to pick it up at all because it’s a fairly difficult show and we were all busy with other stuff as it was, but vale wanted to translate it and was going to handle all the jokes/puns anyway so we decided to pick it up as something we could all work on whenever we happened to have time.

  8. LOL, I have bad news for all you that hate E7 Ao it was confirmed at the end of ep 22 which is the last episode for SEASON ONE……That’s right E7 Ao is getting another season come late Autumn so you will have to suffer through MORE of this show :P

    1. The fail is strong is this.

      It’s not getting a second season, it is just airing the last two episodes because E7AO got shitcanned by the Olympics.

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