Eureka Seven AO 22

Sorry for the wait. Had four midterms consecutively on separate days. ( Torrent )

Episode 23/24 will be airing in November due to the Olympics delay that happened a while ago.

Also, I hope Chuunibyou doesn’t get simulcasted tomorrow!

23 thoughts on “Eureka Seven AO 22”

  1. RentonRentonRentonRenton. He has the same voice actor as Holland in the original series. Two more episodes. They need to be good. Srsly gaise.

    1. He had grown into a one badass man. Luckily they decided to use him as his voice. It will kinda sound pretty off if she reprise her role as Renton.

      So, no E7AO for a month, eh? Just as things become more interesting…

      Off-topic question: Not picking up Jormungand sequel, I presume?

  2. Dayum! FOUR in a row?! Harsh!

    Hope they went well for you… Thanks so much for the episode and please have a good night!

  3. I can’t say I like Hollands voice on Renton. It’s just weird. Obviously Rentons original actress couldn’t reprise the role. But I’d have rather they cast someone completely new. It’s just odd when two characters share the same voice within a series.

    1. I get where you’re coming from with this but I disagree. In the original series Renton always looked up to Holland and his style essentially copied Holland’s. I think it fits better to give him Holland’s V.A. instead of a new one.

      1. I get what you’re saying in that Holland was the BMOC of Gekko State and so Renton looked up to him to an extent, but man, Holland was such as stupid over-aggressive man-child whose insecurities made his behavior damn near inexcusable. That Renton would choose to idolize Holland despite his mistreatment of Renton himself is… well… depressing.

  4. I don’t get how they make up for not showing episodes for 2 weeks by not showing episodes for 4 weeks. Could someone explain this to me?

    1. The Olympics knocked it back 2 weeks, and something else is set to air this week, and they can’t break that obligation, so they have to find time elsewhere.

      1. Not really,i mean, did the Olympics come as a shock to them? Really? Have they not been going on for long enough that people realize that every four years that one week of broadcasts will be displaced?did they forget?

  5. Sorry for being a slowpoke but any exact ETA during november? will be looking forward to the double episode hopefully.

    1. If you read the other comments, you can assume it’s 4 weeks.

      Sorry for being a slowpoke, but after the olympics (or after a certain 1 week hiatus), the girl that makes the preview showed up no more in the… well… preview. What happened to her?

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