26 thoughts on “Joshiraku Ep 10”


    Thank you very much, as always.

    There will be an OVA released in february, just wanted to bring this up, since you are the only ones subbing this, even though its a long time till then i hope you will be doing it too.

    Oh if anyone is bored or wants to bitch while waiting for the next episode, dont do it, go and watch Tigar&Dragon, which is a LiveDrama evolving around Rakugo.


  2. Where’s Eureka Seven AO, and turns out you can’t do Zetsuen no Tempest, so your only choices for this season is CODE:BREAKER, PSYCHO-PASS, ROBOTICS;NOTES, or Magi, and I assume your not just gonna do Jormungand?

  3. At 4:00 or so, it’s Jack Frost, not Jack’o’Frost. It’s a British thing, and a Shin Megami Tensei reference, since that’s where they took the images from.

  4. Man, this show must be SO HARD to sub for! all the respect for the people who work on this, it’s appreciated.

    presi Dental. gninini

  5. Not trying to sound selfish or anything, but how is the progress on the last three episodes? It’s been weeks since you guys released episode 10. Thanks for subbing the series :)

  6. You guys have done an awesome job on this show so far and you seem quite busy with other shows at the moment.
    Eagerly anticipating the last 3 episodes.

  7. GG! Thank you for subbing a show that everyone else seemed to have dropped long before this 10th episode. I hope that you don’t plan on dropping it also, as it was one of my personal favorites and your group is among the few still releasing quality subs in the fan/speed subbing community. I’d hate to see a batch someday with some sub-par subs tacked on for the last few episodes or never see this show in it’s entirety save me learning Japanese or something. :)

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