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The Akito we released we using a rip from PSN (yes, the PlayStation Network). The bluray comes out in January of 2013. Do you think we took some bluray or whatever and encoded it with 0 bitrate? The copy from PSN = only raw available. Mad if we don’t sub it, mad if we do sub it. Seriously.

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  1. The quality was perfectly fine.

    The thing is, people will always complain. If you release a 720p Blu-ray rip, there will be people who moan about it not being 1080p, and there will be people who still live in the year 2000 and want an Xvid release that their single core CPU will be able to play. It’s inevitable.

    Just keep up the good work and know that there are people like myself who truly appreciate whatever the sub groups decide to release, but normally don’t leave comments to tell you so.

  2. As always, I appreciate your effort. Thanks for subbing the PSN rip, so that it can be watched early. I will watch your Blu-ray rip when it’s released in 2013. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I know i can’t be blind, i don’t know why certain people complain about image noise or anything for that matter

    i used KM Player …playing the whole 50mins and i haven’t noticed shit.

    P.S.: If you boot up your computer and it says “BIOS 1995” …i think you should stfu faggot.

  4. Thanks little koda but it is still BLITZKRIEG and not blitzkeig :O
    Germans hate the WORLD
    Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

  5. As always grateful with you (although I had to watch AO from other sub because slowpokes).

    Are you going to make “Console Wars: The animation”?

      1. I was just going on the assumption that anything better than what gg was using would be ideal. Upscale from 720 or no, they could always fix it back to it original resolution. There’s nothing wrong with 720p.

      2. The problem is not the resolution, it’s the bitrate. Watch it again, during the high-motion sequences the quality went to shit, became really blocky etc. Upscales would help nothing.

  6. Thank you for subbing it and looking forward to the official release. Just slap a v0 on it or something. I figured as much when I saw all the blocking that is was from some “not by choice” source.

  7. Don’t mind the faggots gg. It’s a choice whether you download it or not. Let em’ wait for the BD release while we’re spoiling them hohohohoho!

  8. My favorite fansubbing group subbing my favorite anime. Thanks so much. I have been waiting so long for the ova and appreciate the fast subs. I hope you continue to sub all things GEASS for Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you to. Also I love CC :)

    To the rest of the faggots that are bitching bout the quality – kill yourselves.

  9. It wasn’t that bad for a rip anyways. Pretend it’s a TV quality or something. I for one, am thankful you guys did it, and looking forward to the official release.


    When is the next one airing????

    it is not the best looking vid i have seen… but heck, you bring it to me, so i’m truly grateful for that :3… come on, it is GEASS!!!!!!!!!!!

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