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    1. There was absolutely no trolling involved in the process of translating Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

      Grammatical errors have been addressed.

      Also, I take my work, my hobby, and my translations very seriously, save for the previews.

      1. No offense dude, but you’re retarded as fuck. The only way you could address the consistent problems with spelling, grammar, and, fuck it, just plain -English- in this release would be a lobotomy.

        I’m sure you know Japanese just fine, but you sure as fuck need some lessons on how to turn it into English.


    At exactly 8:11 in the episode, when Smokey is talking about Straits and Straits is regenerating, is the line the comes in next what he says? Not that I’m complaining or anything, I just wanna make sure I haven’t missed anything. The reason I ask is because I hear the word for “monster” in that sentence, but I didn’t see anything close in the subs. Thanks in advance, anyone who answers this.

    1. The following line, “H-Hey Jojo, you got anything else up your sleeves?” was supposed to follow immediately at 8 minutes 11.22 seconds, and last until 8:15:89.

      Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a thing :)

      This error has been addressed.

  2. @Dark_Sage (because the reply button is invisible)

    Creativity will always invite criticism.
    I invite you to try being creative sometimes, especially when its in the same vein of localization. Can you make every line so, that the audience doesn’t die from boredom of the same repetitive dialog?

    I don’t follow the conventions of typical fansubbing anymore because I’ve realized how barren the content and quality of speech becomes when subtitled. I don’t expect you to understand what I am trying to accomplish, but there is a method to my madness.

    Everything I have done thus far, without the luxury of viewing performing regular quality checks with timing queues before release, is representative of my discipline, and I will not stray from that discipline.

    As for your criticism of my alliteration, I devote hours upon hours of study and research. Even as a native American-English speaker, it takes a lot to ensure that every delivery is resoundingly suave and smooth. You’re welcome to see for yourself, just how much effort it actually takes.

    1. So true. It doesn’t help that japanese doesn’t offer a good variety of vocabulary or expressions to spice things up nor it doesn’t help that many fansub groups just copy the subs of other groups…

  3. I think he’s just worried that you’re taking too many liberties with your “localization”. I’m having a few myself, like with Dio and other people at the end of Phantom Blood having some lines where all the words start with the same letter, or the overuse of a certain insult that I’ve forgotten in ep 1 of Battle Tendency.

    I’m all for localization (I like Ted Woolsey’s work for example) but I dunno, some of your stuff doesn’t feel right to me. /end opinion

  4. I fucking love these subs. Remember, for every person whose butt you hurt, there are many more whose hearts you warm. Keep on trucking, gg.

  5. I, for one, enjoy the appeal that advanced alliteration applies to any and all animated audio/visual artistic pieces. Keep it up.

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