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  1. consider that a simulation for when you start working as a professional and your boss wants you to finish an infeasible task which needs be delivered the next day.

    Thanks GG

    1. I dunno, the whole tl;dr great wall of china of text that the commies posted kinda not really convinced me that the revised title made sense..
      sort of.

      1. You shouldn’t be required to read a wall of text in order to justify the title translation. Especially if there’s already an official translation…

  2. Updating codecs is fine and good… except for those of us on macs. mplayer OSX Extended doesn’t currently support whatever audio codec you’ve switched to, and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround, at present.

    1. VLC would work but MPlayerX is better. http://mplayerx.org/
      Even better than both of them: mplayer2 or mpv. They require a little bit more effort but it pays off. The subtitle quality is way better. You might feel unfamiliar to work with them cause they are controlled by keystrokes. It took me a while to accustom to it but know I don’t wanna miss it.

      Instructions for mpv: http://coalgirls.wakku.to/faq/playback/compiling-mpv-on-mac-os-x
      If you run OSX >10.8 with a Sandy Bridge CPU (or newer) you can skip the ‘Installation’ part and download a precompiled one instead (‘Hint’ at the top of the page). Proceed with ‘Configuration’ after you started mpv at least once (will create an empty config file). Write your own config file, use the one linked there or use mine (a slightly extended version of the one linked (config)).

      Regarding controls: http://www.mplayer2.org/docs/mplayer/ (mplayer(2) and mpv share the same keyboard control).
      Note that the mpv.app is just a wrapper for the terminal binary. Use it with “Open with -> mpv.app” or drag&drop the mkv to the mpv.app icon. There’s nothing like a “open file” dialog when you double click mkv.app.

      1. Thanks for the tips. It’s a great help. That said, I’m going to wait till they figure out if they’re releasing a v2 before I go the extra mpv mile. For now, I’m switching up to MPlayerX from Extended.


    Thanks so much for the episode!


  4. How come the file sizes for this anime are significantly bigger than, say, Aku no Hana? Are they encoded differently or is it purely because of the source?

      1. That’s what I mean when I say “is it purely because of the source”? Or is also because it’s encoded differently?

      1. This doesn’t answer my question. I realize it depends on the source (which is why I asked “is it purely because of the source”) but it could also be because it’s encoded differently.

  5. Is it just me or is the torrent slow? Seeders to leechers ratio is 8:0 but it’s taken 7 hrs, plus eta is 22hrs, am I doing something wrong

  6. Also no sound on MPlayer OSX with latest binaries.

    Too bad, really wanted to watch your releases, but not switching to my Windows machine for that.

    1. Nevermind, works on my Linux VM and I will probably just compile some binaries for myself.

      That’s how much I like you guys, or not, right now I hate you because compiling things on OS X is the worst.

  7. oh man, if pc is having hard time with the codec i doubt android/ios can..

    thought mxplayer/xbmc/best player can play this on mobile device?

  8. Thank you for you hard work, gg!
    You might want to add some things to your opening lyrics:
    First of all right at the beginning it seems they sing/shout: “Sei das Essen und wir sind die Jäger.”
    It’s German and means “Be the food and we are the hunters.”
    Well, “Jäger” (German word for “hunter”) appears at the second line of the chorus, again, it’s at 01:39 of episode 2:
    “Jouheki no sono kanata emono o hofuru JÄGER”
    (城壁のその彼方 獲物を屠るイェーガー)
    As you can see, it’s the same word as Eren’s last name (エレン イェーガー) Jäger/Jaeger but maybe that’s just a coincidence…
    I hope this’ll help you with the lyrics!

    Thank you again for your hard work! :)

    1. The translator saw the NicoNico lyrics as well, but has 0 interest in “fixing” it everyone’s different versions of the lyrics, so he’ll just wait for the official scans from the single.

  9. Oh god, please tell me you guys aren’t gonna change your translation and start calling them Eotena. That’s just silly. It’s why I’m watching your subs and not Commie’s.

  10. Wiktionary:

    From Proto-Germanic *etunaz, whence also Old English ent, Old Norse jǫtunn (Swedish jätte, Danish jætte).

    IPA: /ˈeoten/

    eoten m
    giant, monster

    Derived terms
    eōtenisc, eōtonisc

    English: etin, ettin

    thus said, eoten is fucking right.

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