If you give a Jaka a cookie

> Let jaka release Henneko as gg
> He v2d it 5 seconds later
> He still messed up the chapters (in the v2)
> He still hasn’t re-encoded Sazae-san
> He’s holding a recruitment drive except I’m the one talking to applicants
> Edit: v2 Titan too v3.

36 thoughts on “If you give a Jaka a cookie”

  1. If yo give a Jaka a cookie, he’ll throw a wild neko at your face and steal the whole jar.
    As like Knall said,
    Jaka baka baka.

  2. I don’t know why, but I’m getting the strangest feeling we’ll never see those last two episodes of Hidan no Aria.. How will we ever know if they successfully hit Vlad/Brad’s bondage wounds while turning him on?!?

  3. … Why we still give Jaka jobs is what I want to know – it’s been at least two straight years of v3’s from him. Sure he’s funny, but the slapstick idiocy does not equal value (anymore).

    And mango-chan = Jaka – idk how people are still not figuring that one out…

    1. >it’s been at least two straight years of v3′s from him

      uh, what. also, i’d like to think it’s because i’m the best fansubber when i don’t fuck up, which is 99% of the time.

      1. Mostly bs’ing dude. Used to joke about how often Koda brings up every mistake you make a lot. Also used to troll coalguys a while ago… Why did I stop fansubbing again? Oh right, life.

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