54 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator – 05”

      1. “You’re done subbing it”.
        I’m not a grammar nazi; but that doesn’t seem right, does it?

  1. YES! after the 8th run on this missions its going my way….*lee power cuts out*….
    8:46, yeah, that about sums up how I feel.

  2. I KNEW this would come about if I waited long enough… the episode… I don’t mean the sex… wait… THERE’S SEX IN THIS EPISODE?! jk

    Thanks so much for the episode and please have a great night!

    1. wells is also a verb:

      verb (used without object)
      to rise, spring, or gush, as water, from the earth or some other source (often followed by up, out, or forth ): Tears welled up in my eyes.

  3. You know what makes me feel better, a good war movie, i just watched patton, and now i feel like killing some nazi bastards, too bad they’re dead.
    That’s what i love about life, terrible things can happen unexpectedly, and usually not in the way you’d expect.

    Anyway, thanks for being generous enough to supply media to all of these people and myself, i will think about you jaka.

  4. I can’t read the text in the image (both here and in the vid). Too small. Can someone tell me what’s written?

    1. Oh wait… after magnifying the image and some guesswork I figured it out. “Is this sexual intercourse?”

  5. >Sorry for the delay. It was late because I was feeling depressed, but then I got my shit together.
    Now let me get this straight: You got your shit together by subbing the reason behind all of your depression and misery in the first place?

  6. 5:13 “ought to secure their votes” The students (JIOR) are getting support from a portion of ARUS people, so if ARUS govt support them, then the govt will get votes from their people. I think this is what this mean. The current sentence is a bit misleading.

  7. Jaka is totally right about this being AOTS, especially this episode

    It was so good

    I wanted to shoot myself

  8. Oi Jaka, I forgot to mention that AOTY will air this Summer. And hopefully, GG will do it since GG did S1.
    I humbly decline that this is AOTY. But this animu is great, honestly.

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