20 thoughts on “Henneko – 05”

    1. I would assume when it’s done. If you want quality for something that’s being provided to you for free; which they do in their own free time, you should just be patient. Won’t kill you to wait a bit longer

    1. It’s an intentional pun, they make a similarly dumb one about slugs and the word “unfair” in Japanese.

  1. Thanks for the link to the blog post, I’m taking a module on computer security and we were asked to analyse why Windows usually has a bad reputation for security compared to Linux systems, so that was a fascinating read.

    Oh and of course, thanks for the release. Azuki Azusa best girl.

  2. The bit about the employees was interesting. The rest wasn’t anything surprising. A business like Microsoft wants to profit as much as possible off its products. Something like improving performance is costly with little return (does your average consumer give a shit?). In general, modifying the code is costly unless it’s guaranteed to improve maintenance significantly.

  3. It was nice they actually included some more jokes this one episode.

    Still, it would have been even nicer if they included all the other omitted stuff, like Yokodera thinking about the aftermath of the previous arc…

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