Nerawareta Gakuen / PSYCHIC SCHOOL WARS


4/4 releases. This movie was gorgeous to watch. Maybe it was because I’d been up for the last 17 hours fansubbing, I didn’t really understand some of the symbolism it had. It’s definitely the highest budget anime movie I’ve seen to date. Shinkai works have really pretty backgrounds, but his characters all look like stick figures. The characters in this movie are animated extremely well (maybe this is where Sunrise used their GUNDAM money). Oh, yes, SUNRISE did produce this.

Translation: vale
Editing: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Translation checking: blakbunnie27
Timing: archdeco
Typesetting+styling: ntr (aka negro)
QC: torchlight and Xythar (thanks for the 20+ page QC report, guys! I really enjoyed spending 2 hours applying it!)
Everything else: me

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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113 thoughts on “Nerawareta Gakuen / PSYCHIC SCHOOL WARS”

    1. Hmm. I didn’t really get the feels through most of it, although there were elements that are quite touching. All that changed in the last 5 seconds though.

      1. finished this just now, im more on the confused side rather than touched. dafuq. so many questions not answered..

  1. Thanks, I was refreshing your page just for this ( generally I only do it for shingeki ). I hope the dinner was good ;D

  2. Hurray! Thank you GG!

    No, you’re not missing anything, the film doesn’t really make sense because there’s ridiculous plot leaps and references to the original NeraGaku novel that no-one in the West has read. But I love the film anyway.

      1. In terms of the plotline, the name does make sense but I agree that it gives off an entirely different vibe than the tone of the actual movie.

  3. thanks for this release… I still like this great team.

    looks like gg did release a BD after all… nice.

    how many lines there is in the script? I’d like to sub it too if it’s possible.

    keep it on!

      1. wow! I barely completed Spirited Away which was -1200 ^_^”

        I trust your subs to use when I translate this into my language.

    1. personally I don’t like mega.. it downloads the shit using some stupid means! I couldn’t use IDM!

      it starts counting in the site and when it’s finished it asks you where to put the file… that if it did finish it properly.

      you should use torrent or find a nice xdcc bot to leech from. this is 2013 and ddl in fansubs are meaningless

      1. Torrent is blocked my provider, and also I have bandwidtrh limit, I downloaded from mega but can’t watch…
        Can’t be fixed?

      2. torrent is blocked? are you using a university or school connection?

        try xdcc from their channel #[email protected]

        I didn’t use mega for much so I am sorry I can’t help you ~_~”

        using xdcc is your option IF your provider didn’t shut down all P2P stuff…

        or find it on other sites like anime tosho or so…

    2. Jdownloader can handle Mega properly. The nice thing is that it can start multiple files at the same time, which the default downloader on Mega doesn’t support.

      There are also otakucop (DDL) and animetosho (many file hosts to choose from), if you don’t like Mega or XDCC.

    1. This clearly had a high animation budget, being a movie and all. While the character animation was very detailed and the motion blur effect worked well, the backgrounds lacked that same level of detail, and some of the compositing and effects were downright lazy (like the ocean; lol).

      I don’t think it holds a torch to Kyoani’s animation overall, and it pales in comparison to Shinkai’s latest work.

  4. Thank you very much!
    One of the most beautiful Anime Movies I’ve ever seen (visually, at least, the Story was … you know?).

    I dont remeber where i read this but using mega is like “buying crack from someone who is already in jail and leaving your id at the entrance”. You’re better of with xdcc on irc.

    1. xdcc is the fastest method, though i like torrent more.

      I read that mega is the same as megaupload… but this is not imp to me.

      can you explain more about what you said?


      to be honest, I started downloading the movie just because it’s from gg. I didn’t even look in MAL or so…

      there’s something I’d like to know: what does “ggkthx” mean?

      1. Well, have you ever read their terms of use and which informations they collect about you?
        They collect all data that makes it possible to identify you in RL as well as data about what you download or upload. They are storing this data for an unknown time period/purpose. And as soon as they get bustedd again, this data can be used against you.
        In the end, ist a free fansub, but the Video is not for free. And this video is a BD rip, not just from TV.

  5. can we discuss the movie or something?

    what was the significance behind the scenes of the watery-flashbacks when the little boy and/or girl was on the hospital bed?

    1. It appears a psychic can lose its power by using all of it. The girl lost it by travelling back in time to save the boy, and it appears she forgot about it later on. But just like the boy told Kyogoku that he often felt a presence, that situation in time – the boy dying and the girl watching, the girl in the hospital and the boy watching – probably left a presence in both of their lives.

      I’m not sure about what was going to happen to Kyogoku, though. He spent all his power, couldn’t stay in the present and couldn’t return to the future, sure, and had to be saved by the boy – but why? Was it because his time device had been filled? I don’t believe that’s how it worked. Was it because he refused to kill the boy and the girl to take their powers? No, this feels more like a way for him to refill his own power after using it, not the way he used all his power. I wonder…

      1. I’m wondering about Kyo too… didn’t Seki said smth about “rewriting” him? then why he returned alone? (does haru have her memories returned aswell? cause it didn’t look like) There is tooooo many questions…

    2. dont even know, are scenes like that supposed to make sense in anime like this? time travel i hate it as a plot devise. they seemed to use a water effect to signify the time jumps, aaand thats all i got. wibbly wobbly timey whimey

    3. My initial impression was that, this was the aftermath when Seki fell from the roof. It was mentioned earlier, when the three main characters were in his room. In reality, Seki died from the accident and Natsuki went back in time to save him which caused her to lose her power.

      In the second time, you see Natsuki on the bed instead of Seki, I assume this is the results after Natsuki goes back in time. And of course she survives.

      It’s not clear what happened during the incident, but I think it’s related to the telephone cups string snapping.

  6. Hey which one do u guys recommend for me to watch 720p or 1080p???
    And will i even see the difference on my pc…??

    1. If your computer is fast enough, just grab the 1080p. Otherwise, 720p is usually good enough, since the difference if any would be quite small anyway.

  7. Ehm… this movie sucked. Nice animation but an abuse of sun flares and rainbows.
    The story, wtf what story?

    Until halfway, it looked promising. After that, I couldn’t wait it to end already. Pure nonsense and retarded characters.

  8. I wanted to like this movie….but there are so many things wrong with it I don’t even know where to begin

  9. time travel, and a lack of cohesive story, i loved it thanks gg

    that same guy who engrished attack on titan must have named this movie, and i wish it made more sense, like what happened to the children of the corn, did they go back to normal? is that kid ever going to even give an answer to that girls feels? what even happened to ferret kid? so many questions

  10. can someone please explain this movie to me…….I watched it two times, but still have this “what the heck did I just watch” feeling…

    1. worry not… you are (NOT) alone :P Also someone mentioned there is novel… wonder if there is translation to it XD

  11. Thank you gg for this movie. I’ve been waiting to see the movie that has the greatest ever new seiyuu to grace the industry.

  12. waste of time, great visuals but the story is the most horrible anime story you might ever watch or hear about.

  13. :/ visuals were awesome, but the story is crap

    But then again, the visuals were awesome hahaha so much that it’s worth watching just to enjoy them, ignoring the story altogether

    Thanks for subbing it, gg!

  14. >>>Shinkai works have really pretty backgrounds, but his characters all look like stick figures. The characters in this movie are animated extremely well

    After seeing how these characters move in a jittery state 90% of the time, nice troll.

  15. I’d have to agree with everyone else so far the visuals were nothing short of impressive but the story was beyond confusing. Was Kenji’s grandpa from the future too? What happened to pretty moon boy? What the fuck WAS their dog? What happened to the future moon people do they all just die anyway?? What was the ferret looking thing Kenji comes back with, was it moon boy? Does Harakawa remember moon boy when Kenji comes back? Who do I need to water board to get these answers?

    1. You don’t lack experience, son, there was no story plot to understand at all :P

      The story was crap haha Nerawareta Gakuen is worth it just because of the visuals, nothing more

  16. @vale
    great job on the translation, you are awesome.
    could you sub Ryo (Anime Mirai) is a 20 min animation? Plz.

  17. First of all, thanks gg
    Superb animation, a cast of amazing seiyuus, packed with a what-the-fuck-is-this story. Such a waste of the seiyuus and animation. If only they made this a 2 hours story or maybe 2,5 hours, maybe the plot can be explained thoroughly

  18. Thanks a lot gg. I appreciate the subs and immensely enjoyed the movie. I especially enjoyed its philosophical narrative on connection and loneliness. I will re-watch it soon to insure I’ve comprehended all the allusions and metaphors. Keep up the great fansubbing work!

  19. I finally got around to watching this. Holy shit what an awesome movie. It was truly a spectacle worth watching. Thank you so much for subbing this!

    I am totally buying this on Blu-ray first chance I get.

  20. i cannot understand anything. And why the fuck the moonboy called his dog his father? I thought he can’t travel with him?

  21. I somehow feel better after reading the comments here. I wasn’t too stupid to understand the story after all…

  22. Hello guys, i’m from a Fansub group myself and wanted to take your subs for translation in my language but faced a problem… when i’m trying to open the subtitles with aegisub it says: *Failed parsing line* – i have no idea how to fix this =( can you, please, help a fellow fansubber? ^^

  23. Hi,
    i got a Problem. I can’t hear the conversations, but i can hear the music in this movie.
    Can some1 help me?

  24. Well-done on your quotation from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but—

    Dialogue: 9,0:19:14.20,0:19:18.88,Default,,0,0,0,,For example, the author of {\i1}A Midsummer Night’s Dream{\i0} said the following:
    Dialogue: 9,0:19:18.88,0:19:25.22,Default,,0,0,0,,”In the theater, the purpose is to represent reality, holding a mirror up to nature.”

    Except what Shakespeare actually said (in Hamlet) concerned “…the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as ’twere, the mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.” You’d be perfectly justified in paraphrasing this, but if you do—please, PLEASE remove the quotation marks.

    “For example, the author of {\i1}A Midsummer Night’s Dream{\i0} said that the purpose of theater is to represent reality by holding a mirror up to nature.”

  25. Midsummer Night’s Dream but only one happy couple in end oppose of 2 (3 if you count Oberon and Titania reconciliation).
    Make a mistake of checking on the author other works and found an life adaptation of author personal life called “Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari” and damn, it was as depressing as “1 Litre no Namida”…found myself crying afterward.

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