Help Koenchu get greenlit on Steam

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You, the Sky, and that Summer

Join Souta and the seven girls who are part of a technical school in Japan training to become professional voice actors and actresses. Girls, festivals, plays, and aliens?! Why is a talking bird always bothering him? What other shenanigans will plague Souta? Will Souta manage to survive in the highly competitive VA world and complete his training? With multiple endings, what is Souta supposed to do? Find out as you experience Koenchu!

Our friends at Sekai Project are trying to get Koenchu – Tale of the Voice Actress greenlit on Steam. If you’re interested in seeing Koenchu (and other VNs in the future?) on Steam, vote for this title.


9 thoughts on “Help Koenchu get greenlit on Steam”

  1. It unreleted to this (sorry) but I would like to ask if you are going to do the Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin and extra chorus movies too, since I have downloaded your subs for all the previous movies, thanks!

  2. Got my vote. It’d be nice to see visual novels expand to a larger market. VNs have the strongest form of storytelling out of any entertainment medium I’ve come across, and I’d love to see them on Steam.

  3. I would be in support of this **if they would finish translating the game**.
    I bought it from them directly at their booth at AX a few years ago, and supposedly it was dual language. Came to find out many of the more advanced routes were not translated (if you’re running it in English you just get “DUMMY DUMMY DUMMY…” repeatedly on those dialogs). When I checked around they didn’t seem to have any info on when (if ever) they were going to release to patch to the complete the translation I’d already paid for.

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