Anyone need a Ronia friend on PAD?

Hello PAD friends. My ID is 332891286 on NA. I use Ronia most of the time. 99+256, fully awoken, still level 1 skill though. Please add and get me pal points for next week’s pal egg machine event. <3 (If I get enough lits to evo my Shiva to Emo Shiva, I will be pleased and bother blakbunnie to translate the 2014 Anime Mirai.)

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23 thoughts on “Anyone need a Ronia friend on PAD?”

  1. Can I add you? I have a Ronia but use a Kirin instead if that’s a problem… I just started on monday so it’s not that high level though(lvl 24).

    1. Sure. ^^ Idc what leads people use. I have like 5000 Ronia friends lol. Feel free to add~ If you tried to invite me before, I might’ve rejected you cause I didn’t know you were a gg visitor.

    1. Sure. I have around 20-25 friend spots open. The level difference is more to your detriment anyway as I won’t always be available for you to use as a helper. :o

  2. I blame you and HSL for getting me addicted to this game. I even had to learn how to install it since google play won’t let me.

    the highest lvl monster I have is lvl 12. I started 2 hours ago.

    I’ll probably send a friend invite once I get a high enough level :D

  3. Added you, Koda. I have a Loki that I am looking to evolve soon. Once he hits max level, it will be fun times for both of us

  4. No plan to sub Break Blade TV series? The first few episodes will just be the same as the movies if there’s no updated animation or details but the second half of the season will follow the manga and there will be more scenes/fights from the manga which were not included in the movies.

    Since you guys did the movies, I thought that it would be better for you guys to sub this too. There’s also the probability of it getting a second season if the disc sales are good enough since they’re going to follow the manga closely this time.

    1. The TLer for Broken Blade is, last I heard, studying abroad in England on some kind of cute translator-y school exchange program thing and does not actually exist etc anymore on the interwebs.

      Unless I completely misunderstood Sindalf.

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