Dear angry people

Dear angry people,

GG has been dead since Code Geass R2 ended. Get over it already.



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    1. I keep feeling like o died but I’m still alive although my gurlz are missing. I think…I don’t know wut iz going on. Their names are Sierra n Summer. Ur name reminded me poff Summer. They use to play maple story a lot. I miss them so Mich.

    oh wait…
    fuck you koda, im sorry
    pls keep subbing
    also. ::scheizeleffort::

  2. O_o so, they finally changed their motto…i thought they’ll presist in their fansubbing…i guess rl finally knocked koda up and started a family, eh? good luck to the crew of [gg] and thanks for all your hard works. lifes seem to be looking up for you guys.

  3. I will not accept this death certificate till the Star Driver movie is done. Because I’m a big gay baby and really want it :(

  4. I don’t know why ppl are suprised. Most fansub groups have a lifespan of 4 or 5 yrs. Exactly the typical the time one spends as a senior in high school + the 4 yrs. it typical takes to get an undergraduate degree of one kind or another. Real-life comes knocking at one’s door once one can not mooch off one’s parents :) .

    1. while your theory is amusing, i can assure you it’s untrue. koda’s just butthurt about something. the rest of us are still active and have no intention of quitting. the only reason we didn’t sub anything this season is because the few non-simulcast shows aren’t very good.

      1. So basically… first pass quality control? You just need someone who speaks both languages to watch the movie with your tl script in hand and go “yeah this sounds good” “no this seems slightly off” and that’s where it’s been stuck for months? Is there really no one else who can do that?

  5. If it didn’t feel like gg hated every single one of the people getting anime from, which is how it felt from the things posted, I would care. Pretty much the only time someone from gg doesn’t seem like a condescending asshole is when someone is trying to get the super loyal fans to do something for them in an online game.

    I’ve felt unwelcome for a while as a leecher, so good bye. I’ll go get anime from people that actually sub more than one or two at a time and won’t think I’m worthless trash for it.

    1. I don’t see what’s so terrible about asking if someone wants to send me their level 20 gift when:
      a) Friending me means that you get to use my maxed out end game viable leader as a helper – for lower level players who recently started this also means Free Carry through earlier content
      b) Some people have never played or heard of PAD before so they might have only found about it because they saw something I posted
      c) They get a gift for themselves when they send a gift


    2. You know, you could avoid this entire situation by just downloading from Nyaa and never coming to this website. You can control being offended, so don’t expect anyone to sympathize with you if you voluntarily get offended.

      Also I seriously hope you don’t think you not downloading our releases will change anything.

  6. Mmm, I think u could do M3 for example. Everybody knows that simulcasted=shit, maybe my grandfather too. Or for example u could do some film. anime mirai 2014, Star driver and moreover. But I understand it’s better playing game and being noob.

  7. i didnt use koda as a helper for 1 day and got deleted D: i only found out when i was thinking about sending a gift and you were gone

    1. Oh, I have no idea when it’s a leecher or a random person from the FB group or the PAD forums who adds me. :p I always favorite website visitors who tell me they’re visitors lol. You should re-add me~

  8. koda, I will always love you for the OP kara for Maria+Holic, and became a fan thanks to the subsequent drop drama. In a perfect world, you would always be around to yank the chains of the viewers of Chinese cartoons, who badly need it from time to time. Maybe all the time.

  9. SD was pretty bad. Stop asking for it. Let GG rest in piece, imo. I love GG, but at the same time beggars can’t be choosers.

  10. I came here back when you were doing Descendants of Darkness and I will still be here when you do High School of the Dead 2 I never ever give up on a fansub site I still go to a lot of dead pages and hope for the best thanks for all the hard work you guys are pure class

  11. I respect all the fansub groups, gg website is the only one i had in my automatic load. Now they have other things to do, not too mutch time to translate. It’s ok.
    But every time i come back here. On a Anime fansub group website. The only thing i read is about some random online game.
    Accorting to me this is not right. This is the gg fansub blog, not the personal koda’s blog. So pratically you are using (and destroyng) the comunity you created for your online character, that yesterday was on LoL, today on PAD and tomorow on… Who knows?
    This is an Anime website, please speak about anime. I respected a lot your job and i’m really grateful. Thanks again

      1. It’s ok for me. It was just my point of view , but the fact that my flamming comment got only one reply in some days is the demostration that you are slowing losing your comunity. And as i’ve already said, thanks a lot for your work!

      2. it’s not a “community” in the sense you think. people just come here to download shit and always have. the second we release something again, they’ll come back. i have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about but i’m like 99.9% sure it’s not as serious or as complicated as you think.

  12. Leave GG alot Microflation you fucking faggot. They can sub when they want to not when you tell them to. If they want to be lazy they can. Fansubbing is a free process, don’t expect it as a dayjob although sometimes it can turn out to be one. :o

  13. they are ghoul who want a piece of “plot” to be alive due lacking of interesting “plot” they are dying on boredom

  14. You guys should do that second noragami ova cause why not, right? The people who subbed it don’t really know English or are just really bad at stuff so you guys should totes do it.

  15. LOL been a fan , good luck with whatever… reading the comments reminds me of a bunch of squirrels furiously trying to crack open a glass peanut ^.^

  16. Thanks for everything. I had started with you guys since Code Geass R1. If not mistaken it was your first project. At that time, it was the peak of GG fansub. After that with Gundam Series. I don’t blame you guys for inactivity because best anime period was over since Code Geass R2. I understand the hype was not there anymore.

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