Dear kind leechers who play PAD

Dear kind leechers who play PAD,

You should totally send me your level 20 friend gifts now that its been reset… :(

(Note: I can’t actually send anyone a gift back since I already traded with someone BUT IF YOU HAPPEN TO FEEL LIKE A KIND PERSON THEN I WILL GLADLY TAKE THE GIFT OFF YOUR HANDS.)

Edit: My ID is 332891286. I main Ronia. ^o^

35 thoughts on “Dear kind leechers who play PAD”

  1. Had I not already traded mine I would’ve been happy to do so. These random posts asking for stuff on PAD are the reason I started playing lmao.

  2. Much like how pizza hut appeared on random billboards and consumed by our protagonists and antagonists in kode geese. I propose that western animated series subtly implement hot pockets into their animation.

    Hooooot pocketz.

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