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  1. Stretch goals where bad options; it should of been offering things like forcing people to finish the Star Drive movie against their wills, etc. Or, another GG get together like you had at the end of star driver.

    PS, im still waiting for the last two trollsubs of hidan no aria, oh great and benevolent koda-sama (could of been a stretch goal as well)

    1. I don’t think forcing people to finish the SD movie is even possible… That stretch goal would’ve involved flying to LA and kidnapping Good Haro’s cat and roommate and holding them at gun point.

  2. Good work on the indiegogo stuff, guess it won’t work for me :P, but congrats anyway. Only thing is why PS4? PC is so much better, with all the money you got, you could have builded a grear cosole crusher PC…

  3. First boycotted you for a long long time, than eventually you faggots which were the worst of the worst became one of the lesser evils so I was forced to switch, luckily things got better after that. Throughout the years I found gg faggots that did a half-assed job as fansubbing. Some teams produced quality speedsubs, while others were mere jokesubs. This ends in a fitting manner; Koda playing a give-me-money and than runs scheme. Looking back, you’re probably one of the few remaining older generation fansubs that were still around since the time I got hooked on anime, which was a comforting thought. I’m not sad too see you go, nor overjoyed either; mixed feelings.png Bye Koda having fun MMORPGing or whatever stupid thing you’re going to try next.

    1. Hahah pretty spot on comment. Their legacy will continue with HS. But there are still some fansub groups that make a decent job (from raws to QC and not just CR shityy edit *cough*commie*cough*)

    2. I always went to other fansubs for quality; I only ever came here for the dumb jokesubs. Which in their own way had a warm charm about them that I enjoyed.

      Now that it’s all over. I keep asking my self, why do I still have this page bookmarked…?

  4. Hey just wanted to post because I actually feel pretty sad about the group being dead. I understand it’s only the label itself not continuing as a lot of the staff are still working with other fansub groups, but I still want to mention how awesome it’s been having you folks (yes, even you koda) around the scene. I’ve been watching your guys’ subs for a really long time, i guess since around Tonagura and the first season of Code Geass. I gotta say that no other group had the same character as you guys. There was a time when you guys had the highest number of leechers for any release, and for good reason. Not only fast subs that didn’t fall asleep at the QC, you also had the best sense of humor. Putting retarded Japanese commercials in the middle of the episode? Fucking brilliant. RIP in pieces gg.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I followed GG from the Good ol Code Gease R1 days till now when I recently noticed you guys did Tokyo Ravens and was like WTF shit is hella old, and I just found out GG is GG today. Yall been there when I got into this anime shit so yeah fuck I don’t know what to say but, GG well played.

  6. I’ve finally gotten around to watching Jojo, and all I can say about gg going under is

    Good fucking riddance.

    Whoever was involved with this shit should be ashamed of such unforgivably bad work.

  7. You should reunite just for the new Hidan no Aria AA, so you can claim to have reached 10 years of age with the group, and to have ended it in a worthy way. As well as to give that show the treatment it deserves.

    1. The only problem, is that they never even finished the last two episodes of the original Hidan no Aria.. im still waiting for Kursion to give us the goods; we need to know about whether they hit Brad/Vlad’s bondage wounds while hes turned on, after Jeane had to use her Japanglish to explain it to us.

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