28 thoughts on “Kuromukuro – 08”

      1. I don’t think he’s referring to soccer with the “fifo faggot” comment.

        For one thing, not every soccer player is a homosexual. I think maybe there was this one part-time judge back in the 70’s who wasn’t.

        More likely, he’s saying “first in-first out”.

      2. @Ryan
        I think you’re mistaken. Just because someone squeals when eating a bratwurst hot dog, it doesn’t mean they’re homos.

  1. Thanks Jaka, don’t worry about the whiny bitches, it hasn’t even been a week. People forget the glory days of fansubs so quickly :P

  2. Thanks for turning them around so fast after you traveled!

    I’m old school (As in I have purple video tapes from ANN’s Kodocha) so a little wait certainly beats not having it at all.

    I really appreciate you doing these two shows! I am enjoying them.

  3. waiting for subs? Try Shinsen-Subs, or Live-Evil… now THAT’S what I call waiting for subs… these nubs probably don’t even know what I’m talking about.

  4. Keep up the good work and thoose that complain can just scram, cuz the subs ya make are quite good compared to some others that do em. And sometimes an extra week of wait wont kill us its better then 1month wait as we had for reikenzan last season or so….

  5. Reminds me of the times where people still translated most animes from japanese to english (and often from english to whatever language) instead of just ripping a stream *cough* horrible”subs” *cough*….

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for the subs, I was just about to go into gg withdrawal. ;)

    Seriously for the whiners, learn Japanese and translate it yourself and show how much better you can do it for free on your own time. Oh wait, that takes too much effort.

  7. LOL… kids these days…
    How many times did I refresh the AnimeSuki page waiting for something? I wonder….

  8. Not exactly the first time, was a time long ago I had to wait much longer as there were fewer sub groups and it was often better to wait till a series was finished. Though I do admit, the unusualness of the delay did have me worried a bit. You’re the only decent subbers putting out Kuro and Delta with any reasonable accuracy and speed. A post about delay would have been nice. Looking forward to delta shortly.

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