Macross Delta – 08


Was out on a weekend trip until a few hours ago, so that’d explain the delay. The engrish song didn’t help either.

Speaking of delays, there will be more next week (both Kuromukuro and Macross Delta) since I’ll be taking another trip.

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20 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 08”

  1. You could always release both eps another day later after they are ready to troll the impatient. Two or more days is fine too.

  2. Literally 5 seconds into the episode, Mirage has an assault rifle and gets taken out by a melee guy from 100m away. Wut. Great soldiering.

  3. No sweat… Thanks for the update and that much dreaded “ERROR 404” that, even faaaaaar into the future, still plagues humanity to this day.

  4. Hello there. When can we expect Karamukuro ep 8 with subs? I havent watched animes for some time, and this is such a refreshing one. Thanks for your work.

  5. There’s no closed caption track for the TS stream? I thought that’s what most people used now a days. Didn’t know you were just bsing the songs, lol

  6. Best damn fansub group. Most probably the only group with CORRECTLY removes honorifics’ such as chan, kun etc. It has to be TOTALLY in English that’s why they’re called English subs. Ever since you did a great job Break Blade, been a follower. Not of faggots, but gg. XD

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