Macross Delta – 09


I think it needs to be made clear that we (I?) think that fancy typesetting is incredibly pointless and a waste of time. Feel free to grab subs from other groups–

Oh, wait, lol.

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  1. All bullshit aside, gotta say I really appreciate you stepping up to actually sub this series. Also it’s hilarious to see the people who weren’t into anime back in earlier days freaking out over the short wait, maybe you should delay every week.

  2. We might shit talk you in the threads, but it’s all because at the end of the day we are family and we are allowed to shit talk each other. If anyone else comes around our threads we and bashes you, we go crazy because only we are aloud to do that shit. Thank you for everything, hope you know you mean a lot to us!

      1. Hey, I’m loving the work you’re doing… I’ve just started learning Japanese myself and would love to learn how to translate… Do you have any suggestions or tips for me?

  3. >riding [gg]’s dick because you’re afraid of them dropping it
    top kek, but thank you regardless faggots

  4. Thanks.

    Here’s an anecdote that may make you smile. Hidetaka Tenjin (one of Macross’s mechanical artists from Zero onward) came to a US convention over the weekend and held a panel on Macross and mecha art. The first thing he did after introducing himself was ask how many people had seen Delta. About a third of the room raised their hands. He laughed, clearly happy and amused, and asked “How is that possible!” The audience laughed with him.

  5. I have no problem with waiting… Fansubbing is not an easy gig. Thanks so much for the episodes and all you’re hard work!

  6. They are attacking a fully functional (?) Macross class fortress with 6 fighters. That fires aimlessly everywhere later on, just not at the invaders. And the defenders can only launch 5 fighters at most. I don’t mind the typical macross plot but come on that is ridiculously wrong.

    1. I think it was in ep3 where reinforcements were sent in to assist, but it didn’t turn out well since they got mind controlled when they got there. So in a way, sending in 5 aces that have been shown to be mind control resistant makes sense. Actually, no. This is macross and shit doesn’t have to make sense

  7. Well….I have grabbed subs for this from other groups…I needed non-upscaled color depth for support on anything but a highend desktop. I decided I can do the re-encode myself though. It doesn’t quite feel right to get your work from someone else. If you really want to upscale, go to 4K, I’ll have better luck finding playback equipment.

    Good job on the translating though. It flows nicely.

      1. My Samsung S6 does not. My i7-5557U does not. My i5-5010U does not. My i5-2357M does not. My Via Nano does not. My E-350 does not. My Raspberry Pi 3 does not. My ODROID-XU4 does not. My PS3 does not. My Wii-U does not. How far do you want me to go?

        The i5-4670K does have enough power to play it software mode, but that’s all I have. Fortunately, Handbrake understands the subtitle mode gg uses well enough to make re-encoding fairly painless.

  8. Thanks for the hard work. I have watched all your Delta subs with little ones even. Had to have a discussion about words not to use in polite conversation. Any chance that F-bombs and the like could be replaced with ‘damn it!’ or something more PG?

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