Kuromukuro – 09


Yes, “bitch” spoken in Japanese typically means slut. Just like how “good style” in Japanese means having a nice body/figure and “buying juice” means buying a non-alcoholic drink in general.

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10 thoughts on “Kuromukuro – 09”

    1. Thank you! I knew something did not seem right XD

      Thank you for the subs gg, but hopefully you’ll see swa’s comment and correct it in v2 :3 I apologize I if seem overly demanding.

  1. lol wow that feels overly picky to me. It also scares me. To ask a group that stopped fan subbing and came back (possibly only temporarily) for a v2 on something so minor feels risky to me. However I’m one of those people that are always worried about accidentally pissing people off.

    With that rationale in mind; “Oh Faggots, Supreme Faggots, Thank you for subbing our chinese cartoons and please don’t drop this show over a request for a v2 on a minor fix!”

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