Kuromukuro – 11


Apologies for the delay. Hopefully we can get back on track for this show this week.

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P.S. In Macross, it’s not 8/100 losses. How does that even make sense? Why 8? Please think a little before listening to someone who had just learned to count in Japanese.

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  1. Could you elaborate on what “back on track” is supposed to be? Not to be crass, just wondering what the general goal is going forward so we know when to look.

    1. usually, we’ve been doing it within 24 hours of airtime, so sometime on Thursday. I think the translator has been pretty busy lately, so the schedule has been quite erratic. I thought it would be back on time this week but I guess not. sorry!

      1. Thank you for that update. I’m sure some of us understand that this is a gift and not an entitlement. As for me, I guess I’ll just keep an eye out when I catch Delta’s release. Thank you again for your efforts.

  2. Hey. Anybody listen to the Macross soundtrack yet? I downloaded it but haven’t had the time.

    As for the 100/100 thing. It totally made sense in context: if he always fights for the underdog it is not unreasonable for him to always lose. Yet those losses can be impressive in and of themselves if he makes the victors pay dearly for their wins (I.e. Go into battle with a hundred ships against a thousand ships, lose but managed to take out nine hundred of the enemy ships in the process)

  3. No, sir. People were impatient assholes before simulcasts too. I’m with you. Nobody wants to wait forever, but complaining when someone who is helping many others by doing work in their free time does not instantly produce makes me feel vaguely ashamed.

    Thanks for this release and many others, folks at gg.

  4. Can we expect Macross Delta to be on time? I’m not complaining if not, but I’m just wondering since I’m really excited for this next episode, haha. Either way, thank you for the work you put into all this!

  5. Thank you for your hard work on both Kuromokuro and Macross Delta. Your subs are worth waiting for!

    REALLY looking forward to MacDelta 13! I can’t wait to read all of what they’re saying!

  6. Yup think i can add that even if the subs might be little late they are worth the wait cuz the translations are pretty good, personnaly at start i didnt even notice a difference that this 2 anime were done by a fansubbing group so yeah i dont really mind waiting sometimes bit longer instead of getting some really google translate subs which simply ruine the whole anime cuz you wont understand half of what they said.

  7. Dear gg-team!

    Please take our sincere thanks on your great job! Especially on Kuromukuro ENG subs!
    Our translator’s team is looking forward to your following episode subs to translate them into Russian.

    We &Kuromukuro anime Russian fans would be very grateful to you if you could kindly get back to the foregoing issue schedule.

    Yours faithfully,

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