28 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 12”

  1. Thanks very much for the release. Btw I think you made a typo mistake on Capt. Johnson’s loss record. Your subs say he lost 100 out of 100 battles which didn’t make sense based on King Gramia’s response. There were some who said it should be 8 out of 100.

    1. If I want to be known as a commander, I would make exactly 8 mistakes in 100 battles. … No, he clearly says hyakusen hYappai. Not happai. 100 battles, 100 defeats/mistakes. There is probably a trick to this record. Also the king knew him from before those guys told him, he doesn’t have to respond to their nonsense.

  2. I keep thinking that the Frontier fleet needs to share technology with the other expeditions. The Quarter and the Konig Monster kicked serious ass. Throw Walküre on a Quarter-class vessel, and a couple of Konigs on the deck… game over. ^^ Ranka can come too and just sign autographs.

    1. Ranka is an old hag by the time Walkure drove out into action. No one wants old hags as idols. Hence the lack of Kanamefags except pineapple.

      1. Like I said, “autographs” :). Also, isn’t this only about 8-14 years later (it was stated but I can’t recall the exact time). Ranka would be mid-late 20s early 30s I think (wasn’t she 16?). Either way… doesn’t matter. Ultimately I still wanna know why Hayate has fold quartz. They briefly skimmed it this ep.

    2. The Quarter is not a Frontier exclusive. The NUNS has tons of those. Can be seen in the Sayonara no Tsubasa movie. At least 10 of them show up to fight against the Vajra. And the whole fold wave singing stuff was discovered by Frontier/Vajra research team and now used all over the place.

  3. You would have thought by the third time they would have thought of a better strategy than send troops we know can be mind controlled straight at them so their forces can be added to the enemy fleet.

    Rotating the sector defense forces out for fresh troops from outside the Cluster would have been the logical start…..

    1. Nah. I would think the fresh ones would be even MORE susceptible to the mind control (not that the ones that have experienced it before are much better… they still seem to get taken over (Messer)).

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