SMN LF Faustlet

Hey everyone.

I’m looking for an FFXIV static with a8s on farm that will give me a fucking Faustlet. The static I’m in right now uses lootmaster and since I got the SMN book on our first clear and the caster coat on our second clear, I’m locked from getting a Faustlet until week 9 (week 9 cause our fucking pugged MCH got the Faustlet on our clear please fucking kill me).

Someone pls save me from having to play FFXIV for 4 more weeks.

150% serious post.

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    1. He’s playing Summoner in a (mostly) fixed-membership party that recently figured out how to defeat the hardest-to-get-to current boss in FFXIV (not sure if it’s the hardest to kill, but you can’t get to Alexander Stage 8 Savage mode without clearing all 8 stages of Alexander on normal and then the first seven stages on Savage, and farming a crapload of gear to pass the entry requirements); who got so awesomely lucky on his first two clears that the group has told him he can’t have the last item he wants from that boss until everyone else has had their turn. And the boss can only be looted once per week, so he has to wait another four weeks, during which he’ll have to turn up for the fight and get nothing, before he can get his hands on the thing he wants.

      So now he’s looking for a different group that’ll let him have the thing he’s looking for because they already have it.

      Problem is, he doesn’t say which server cluster he’s playing on, so even if I *had* a static with A8S on farm that could use a SMN, I wouldn’t be able to invite him.

  1. Well. I personally don’t play FFIV (my computer is a glorified typwriter and nowhere near decent enough for “real” games, otherwise I would help you in thanks for all the pleasure you bring us when you rise like a zombie and sub for us in exchange for our brains. I see that others are in the same boat.

    Good luck though.

    1. Only reason for me to do Eggnog Ex @ this point is to get the bird. :| In 2 weeks I can buy an a8s weapon for an alt class lol. -_-

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