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  1. “Everyone’s a baby”

    God damn it gg, it’s obviously just an interjection to “daremo ga yurushite ageru wa”

    “Everyone, oh baby, would forgive you”

  2. Hey gg, will you sub tv special “RS Keikaku: Rebirth Storage” that aired 6/25 and still no one subbed it? It’s mecha.

    1. When there is no gravity, you can’t easily control where you go. If you don’t have anything to push off of, you’re stuck going in whatever direction you’re currently moving. To change directions mid air, you have to throw something in the direction opposite you want to go.

      1. Actually, swimming movements would have been way more effective than stripping and throwing it the other way. They are in 0g, not vacuum. It’s like being underwater, just a lot less dense medium. That tiny impulse of throwing your jacket is going to move you 1m at best.

    2. Oh right! I forgot about F + vdm/dt = ma
      Seeing that Mirage seems to have the same speed as her jacket, she is very light, very strong, and wears a very heavy jacket.
      Another argument could be made that the atmosphere was very thin (too much leakage), so friction wasn’t much of a problem. And they’re trained pilots who don’t need much air?
      Nevermind it’s Satelight

  3. So Walküre Attack (the album, includes most of the songs that we’ve heard so far except Silent Hacker, the jellyfish song and the second ending I think) is out and it has the lyrics written in Japanese in the CD cover thing. Would you like me to take pictures and upload them somewhere for future translations?

    1. The jellyfish (Kurage Ondo) is on the first OST. As soon as I saw that the 2nd ending, Hametsu no Junjou, wasn’t on Walkure Attack, I knew this means a second Walkure album is coming.

      1. Yeah I know it’s on the first OST (I have that too) but from what I remember it doesn’t have the lyrics in there either? I dunno, I might be wrong haha

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