32 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 17”

  1. Oh no The Freyate ship is taking blows….. I hope that this is all a cocktease and he ends up with worst girl mirage..

    1. Dont see why he cant have both of them. Freya is gonna kick the bucket in 10ish years anyway, might as well have the 2nd girl waiting in the wings.

      1. Being a human on Windermere has to be awesome. Get a new loli wife every 10-15 years. No wonder they want us out.

  2. Finally catch up with the series. Oh God. The amount of titties in this episode are astronomical. 10 Billion Wives meets Macross; gg Walkure. gg.

      1. There are 26 episodes in the anime so to find X (the number of episodes left) we put in Y which is the number of aired episodes into to the formula and subtract them by T (the total number of episodes [26]). So we use the formula:


        In numerical terms that is:


        Giving us X=9 or 9 episodes left for this series. (this is not including tonight’s episode)

    1. They normally takes about 5-10 hours after the raw is out and if they aren’t busy in their real life.

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