Some updates

Seems like most of our staff are coming back from AX, so everything should be done by tomorrow.

Don’t worry. Read the posts. We’ll let you know if we’re dropping it (which I don’t think we will).

29 thoughts on “Some updates”

      1. Without the oxford comma, it appears that you think that 7 or Frontier is the original Macross. Thank goodness we know Macross are smart enough to understand this is not the case.

  1. sigh, kept rewatching the raw episode again and again. now i feel like i know what happened already. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. By the time you guys release this the next ep raws will be out. Also apparently Deadfish and the other sub groups releasing this have just been stealing your subs

  3. Six months later…

    The only thing where gg doesn’t disappoint is them being a bunch of faggots. You should have stayed dead. Why did you even bother to come back?

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