Macross Delta – 18


tfw you’re Mirage and you watch your boy getting taken away from you and you don’t do jack

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P.S. Delta might be delayed next week as I’m out again

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    1. Bruh Rem has more chance of ending up with Subaru than. Mirage has with Hayate they’re basically going the frontier movie route and breaking the old triangle mold, by giving us an actual conclusion

      1. Did you watch F movies? Sheryl clearly won. And having an unclear resolution has nothing to do with Freyja or Mirage getting with Hayate.

  1. Damn. The second part of the episode is trippy as hell. Both Wind singer and Walkure singing amplified by the Protoculture structure have sort of negative impact on both teams. Freyja gonna kill her poor boyfriend soon if she cannot control it or Hayate doesn’t use the Var effect as his advantage like Messer did.

    Who the hell are you, Mikumo?

      1. Or Kawamori gonna pull the same stunt like he did with Macross Frontier aka bring closure to what did happen to Sara Nome after things gonna SNAFU at the end of Zero

      1. By shitty Macross I mean every scene with Mirage in it.

        If you remove her from the show, I think it’s just OK.

        Mirage should have died early in the show instead of Messer and he could have become a potential love interest for Hayate.

        Hayate x Messer would have been better than Hayate x Freyja.

  2. I think this delay on subs on this particular episode is really bad luck… most episodes don’t need them (the story is kind of easy to follow), but 19 had a crap-load of expository explanation.

    Hope you can get ’em out soon

  3. Thanks for your work!

    I think it’s getting better now, it has the real Macross feel in it (just a few seconds of each episode).
    The line between the ‘bad guys’ and the ‘good guys’ is distorted now. Everything’s turning grayish, not just plain black and white.
    Mikumo isn’t the know-it-all almighty singing goddess anymore, we’ve got the microcosmos back… BUT I think we still need a meaningful death.
    Messer… sorry, but he was just a pretext for Mirage to be promoted and have a purpose in life (lol), for Hayate to grow some balls (and not get any better at flying… he’s just got better at synching with Freyja), for Kaname to sing a solo, for Mikumo to show off in the water with, and of course! for that Remember 16 by the fire! lol.

    I started saying it’s getting better… well yeah.. just a bit. Haha

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