Macross Delta – 19


We have a guest appearance by the best girls in the Macross universe. Also, it seems like I won’t need to watch the first few Macross series after this episode??

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    1. macross zero is diffenetely NOT mandatory. one ot the weakes shows in macross universe.
      Macross Plus on other hand is the true masterpiece and recommended to anyone.

    2. Mandatory not really. But highly recommended, yes.
      Zero and Plus are the most well done of the lot.

      They really should redo the original Macross someday like they did with Star Blazers. The animation is dated like heck but most of the story still holds up reasonably well. Better than that of Macross Frontier and Delta at least. Let’s not even discuss Macross 7. I prefer to consider it non-canon. So much more they could have done with the Protodeviln and the Supervision Army really.

      1. Meh well i guess this means i need to find another group who are subbing it, i would prefer not to drop the anime personally

    1. That’s the official name they called when the Protoculutre first landed on Earth. The callsign SDF-1 given when they turn it into a spaceship; when they have figure it how to exploit the alien tech and stuff.

  1. Heh. This episode is like a recap of all headcanon series of Macross (sadly Zero is one of them): explaining why music/singing is main core of the Macrosss universe; other than love triangles, transformable F-14s, aliens and Itano missile massacre. It’s all connected!

    Time to choose Hayate: Freyja or Mirage. Eh, why not going for harem route? :3

    1. To add, I think every Macross series/OAV that came out after the original series are based on the aftermath Do You Remember Love? movie or mashup between both the movie and the original series. If you want the abridge version, go watch DYRL else stick with the dated original.

      1. Minmay disappeared during the Megaroad-01’s maiden voyage along with Hikaru and Misa. Unless they came back years later and UN Spacy never told anyone.

        Mao Nome isn’t shown to have survived the Vajra attack on Galia 4 when Ranka was little.

      1. @GR Did they actually show her DEAD, or did they just not show her alive? Because we all know just how much the Schrodinger’s Cat principle applies to anime characters

  2. Bit of a cheap cop out that the sequence with the previous Macross is discussed is with zero editing the new ending. Producers must have been a bit behind schedule or overbudget.

  3. This episode if pure Macross old school fan service (gee, I was a kid what the first Macross was aired back in 1980’s).

    I admit I get sentimental with the SDF-1 ;)

    1. At least give a heads up. This whole “it’ll be done when it’s done” attitude is why fansubs are nearly dead these days.

      1. “This whole “it’ll be done when it’s done” attitude is why fansubs are nearly dead these days”

        Here I thought it had something to do with the fact that a majority of shows are licensed and get translated already ‘these days’…

      2. Fansubs are “dying” for reasons beyond the personal lives of fansubbers getting in the way of providing free shit for faggots.

    1. Look, I don’t care if takes a while. Whatever personal issues or whatever is going on in your life, that’s fine with me. You take a a responsibility like this, you become accountable to the people using your product. Just a sign of simple respect is all.

      1. accountable? using your product? sign of simple respect? this ain’t crunchyroll okay. you don’t pay shit for these subs. if you’re so addicted that you NEED your episode same day same hour every week then educate your weeb ass and learn japanese

  4. I’ve been wondering since episode 14… where’s the crappy trash recycling episode? Yes, you know it… the one where they just use the scenes from other episodes to create one, and of course it serves the purpose of telling you what has been happening in the show.

    Well, this episode started like that, thought it was the ‘Global report’ remake, but fortunately it shifted from that, and turned out to be a rather decent summary of the Macross Universe.
    Sasuga Kawamori!

    Thanks again for the subs!

    PS: but wait… wasn’t the song ‘Ai oboete imasu ka’ part of the fictional movie inside the Macross Universe? The original TV series had no protocurcha song.
    Poor merchant guy, making a theory based on a movie, and not based on facts. Check your sources Bergaa san, haha.

  5. Wow didnt expect that would get such a big reaction. I honestly dont care if its delayed or not I’m just grateful that someone decided to take the time and actually sub this anime. Yeah it sucks when it is delayed but you cant blame these guys who are doing it for free.

  6. They are doing it for free so be glad that you can watch it with English subs, if you don’t want to wait just learn Japanese.
    Anyways, thanks for subs, gg.

  7. Hey i wont mind if its delayed every single time until the anime ends … Nobody else seems to be trying to do it and also its completely free. Thank you guys for the effort ;)

  8. i thank you for efforts ,your only one who releases it for us to watch , thank you for everything you do ,i tried learning that language forget that idea no matter what i try i can’t translate it ,so i very happy you translate this can’t wait till the others get released please keep subbing thanks jj

    1. What do you expect? I admit, it would be wonderful to get a heads up when there is going to be a delay or other issues, but these people aren’t wrong. gg isn’t obligated to sub the show at all and if some other group chooses to come and take their place, they’re free to.

      And no, the reason fansubs are pretty much dead isn’t because they’re unreliable on timing, it’s because far more shows are getting subbed by places like CR and Funi than ever before. The need for their existence has almost effectively been pushed out when it comes to most currently airing TV anime.

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