Macross Delta 20: Tomorrow

Read title. People are at weddings and playing LoL. Don’t want to keep you guys wondering in the dark.

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  1. Playing LoL at a wedding seems rude; Unless it’s a theme wedding?
    Thanks for the update!
    Nice that so many shows get subbed these days, but no-one except [gg] seems to be subbing this one! I’m eager to watch this episode, the last one was all exposition!

    1. Maybe you can do it for us for free, or simply wait a full day or two for the episode. If you want it so badly then learn Japanese and stop bitching like a little kid.

      1. ^^^^^^
        But I really hope it comes out soon because I just got my new head phones and I want to listen to their singing with them.

  2. bwahahaha, I come in to see what’s the 411 and it’s suppose to come out today……..ah well
    I already knew from the small file size that there’s gonna be lotsa talkity talk talk so translation would be slower than usual, or is someone slacking because of the olympics?

  3. me when GG came back


    me now
    “god I wish this was simulcast.”

      1. Harmony Gold is only part of the problem with new Macross series. The amount of music, usually done by pop stars and idols, is a significant hurdle because there’s licensing costs associated with EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. used in the series. Even if the licensing fees are paid, you also have to have the record company approve of the translation you use for the lyrics.
        Don’t get me wrong, Harmony Gold are a bunch of cocksucking bastards and I’d love to take a dump on Macek’s grave, but they’re far from the only thing keeping Macross from being licensed.

      2. There’s a difference between difficulty and impediment, though. There didn’t seem to be any impediment to Symphogear being licensed in North America; I don’t know how difficult it was but it was done.

      3. >There didn’t seem to be any impediment to Symphogear being licensed in North America; I don’t know how difficult it was but it was done.

        You do realize the official subs for Symphogear didn’t translate a decent chunk of the songs, right? It sounds more like CR was willing to compromise and would rather have the show on their site than have it fully translated (which is pretty dumb if you ask me). As for Macross, Amazon licensed SDF Macross and presumably translated all the songs. At least, they translate all the songs from the start in the other anime they licensed, so I guess that they don’t compromise unlike CR.

  4. Weddings are serious business.
    Terrible, miserable, expensive business.
    I should know, she rejected eloping.
    Thanks for the update, good luck on the wedding gauntlet.

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