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  1. Just wanted to let you guys know that the Part B section of the timed chapters is like 20~ secs or so late. Other than that, thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Is Heinz a girl or a boy? I thought she was a girl and it was just being lost in translation. But seeing that they ripped her/his clothes off in 21, I’m confused. Anyone wanna clear that up for me?

    1. Heinz is a boy. You can tell because he has two runes, whereas all the girls only have one. (Look through all the scenes showing people from Windemere

    1. Heinz’s spoken and singing seiyu are both women.

      But from the beginning there was no doubt for me that he was male. Also in the coronation scene he tells Keith this is that last time I speak to you as a brother.

    2. Aye, Heinz falls into the girly-boy trope that panders to the shotacons in their target audience.

      I’m looking forward to all the Mikumo x Heinz femdom doujinshis now that Comic Market in Japan just came and went.


    In the End, they make Peace through their Music.

    1. Freyja travels back to Windermere, marries Heinz and becomes Queen of Windermere.
    2. Hayate marries Mirage, and together they become the new “Ace-Pilot-Dream-Team” like Max and Milia did in the original SDF Macross.
    3. Mikumo disappears into the Galaxy, nobody knows where she went.
    4. The Rest of the Cast lives happily on their Planets / Spaceships

    1. How the fuck are Miragefags like you still alive? I thought you all killed yourselves after episode 16.

      Also Jaka, Vale, please give us at least some kind of update. Just say you didn’t drop it yet.

  4. As much as we’d all like a clear and predictable timeframe, fan subs are that! Fan subs! Fans, doing a service for US, in their spare time. Now I admit, I too get frustrated when I see the RAW’s for DL and check back 6hrs later and no subs, but in the grand scheme of life, what’s the rush?

    If I have to wait a few more days, well, so be it… There have been a BUNCH of Macross related stuff annouced this week (new Hasegawa Macross F and Macross D, new Books, New Bandai released, etc)…

    BTW, this is in no way having a go at anyone – I don’t see a problem with asking if there is news on Ep 21 subs; but lets just remember [gg] are doing this stuff FOR US, and its GREAT work!

  5. Another RAW for 21 got posted about two hours ago. Is this the one they tend to use, and they’re just getting posted up late? That + personal life stuff coming up, I could imagine a delay.

  6. where they out on blue ray but japan only there subbed but the cost get them for 2 episode to 3 only 77.00 i think that’s to expensive just for subbed not dubs it jlist has them only vol 7 i think ,i rather wait for them then have buy it at those crazy prices

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