Macross Delta – 21


Cutest member of Walkure.

Also, I think Kuromukuro is gonna be officially dropped. You can find other subs on NT. Sorry :(

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40 thoughts on “Macross Delta – 21”

  1. Yayyy it’s finally up no need to rush on uploading the episodes but at least gives us a heads up when you can’t uplaod it on time !!! Anyways lots of thank you’s to the fansubbers :D I am very grateful that you guys take time from your day to dedicate it on translating Deltas episodes.

    1. GG & other subbers may have been looking for a “better copy” of the vid. Japan’s typhoon season is hard on screen cappers. ^_^;;;

  2. Hoping someone will rip Netflix subs for Kuromukuro when they are out and put them on TV raws since other subs on NT seems to be worse than Netflix ones.

  3. Thanks for the subs!

    Thank you also for owning your (now blatantly and painfully obvious) dropping of Kuromukuro.

  4. when was the last time we saw Mecha? Has there ever been a stretch of episodes in Macross that has gone this long without any action whatsoever? It’s been like 4 episodes since anything has happened

    1. In my opinion, Macrossworld is the right place for sounding off about lack of mecha action in Delta (and rest assured a LOT of sounding off is in progress, come join the fun).

      Here we just need to thank GG for the great subs!

  5. who’s the translator for kuromukuro so we can send our “strongly worded” feedback to?

    thanks for the subs for kuromukuro though.

  6. It’s all good in the hood, baby… I’m just gonna wait for a batch and burn through Kuromukuro…

    Thanks for continuing to do this, at least!

      1. Or the genetic donor for Mikumo.
        Or the personification of Macross City X Sharon Apple. I barely fucking care at this point this show is just wandering nowhere.

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