Bring flowers on a date with Russian girl!

Speaking about wooing, flowers are what you have to give to a Russian girl on a first date cause she will think you don’t care otherwise. Weird but that’s how it is. They bring flowers on any single occasion in Russia – romantic moments are included. I`ve got this tip from casanovastyle

26 thoughts on “Bring flowers on a date with Russian girl!”

    1. That’s *definitely* not all there is to it.

      This is the first Macross series with any songs I’d listen to voluntarily.

      Hametsu no Junjou is probably my favorite, so far.

      I don’t usually enjoy J-pop; I must have the Vars or something.

  1. The flag set on the beginning was way too obvious. Why do they always put those?
    There are only 4 really good musics in Delta, Ikenai Borderline, Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara, Bokura no Senjou and Giraffe Blues.

    Thank you gg.

      1. Hametsu no Junjou is the best song followed closely by Ikenai Borderline. But, all of them except Giritick Beginner and that hacker song are great.

      1. You dislike it because it became mainstream?

        I mean, I don’t like it either, but who cares what’s mainstream?

  2. Thanks for the super fast release!!!

    The songs in Delta feel like they’re getting better. It felt like 50-60% good at first.
    I’m hoping for more Love! Thunder Grow in the future. Want to hear the full version of that.

  3. thanks!

    songs are ‘okay’… but what it really lagging far behind on this series is the musical score, it’s pretty terrible.

      1. And ISIS just wants a place they can call their own! They are good people! Windermere is governed by people who want to poison and mind control the entire galaxy and the people there KNOW. They are all guilty and we should not have a shred of sympathy if they die.

  4. If it didn’t look like Mikumo was throwing a gang sign before, it’s impossible to miss it after that bitch slap.

    So… Walkure 4 lyfe…?

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